Just like the crossing between realms, this sequel takes its audience to a stylistically-different dimension.

Mean Girls

They wore pink on Wednesdays. Watch out because starting next year, they’ll be wearing pink, 8 shows, 7 days a week on Broadway!

“This Joy Virata-helmed production is thoroughly delightful with its lovely (and sometimes hilarious) music by Michael Valenti and lyrics by Elsa Rael.”

Twin Bill

“With stunning theatricals, especially for a student production, ‘Twin Bill’ perfectly addressed two of today’s youth’s most pressing issues. It showed not only what student plays could be, but also what they should be.”

Miss Saigon

The Miss Saigon rehearsal footage shows Rachelle Ann Go and JonJon Briones rehearsing the momentous slap scene at the end of ‘The Heat Is On’.