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WATCH: A Quick Minute with Roselyn Perez

WATCH: A Quick Minute with Roselyn Perez

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Roselyn Perez will be performing in CAST’s ‘This is War’ staged readings this Sunday, January 27, at 2pm and 7pm at the Pineapple Lab.

Get to know a little more about her in our Quick Minute feature. You can watch the video below.

Who are you a fan of?

Well of course, Meryl [Streep]. Sino pa ba, that British girl who played Gypsy! I love her! I love her in film, I love her in theater. Imelda [Staunton]! I love her.

What got you into theater?

My god, ang lalim nito. Difficult childhood, you know, you have a lot of emotions, so you want to go into theater.

What is the hardest thing about doing theater?

Oh my god, no money.

What was your funniest onstage memory?

I played Gertrude, Bart [Guingona] was Hamlet. And then Ophelia dies, right. She was in a stretcher, so Bart would do his monologue, while she’s on a stretcher, and we’re all crying. This one particular time, the stretcher broke. And Dennis [Marasigan], he didn’t tell us, and suddenly, Bart was talking to a huge piece of garbage. I finally gave in when I saw Bart’s nostrils… he was trying to control himself… so he kept breathing in like that [gestures breathing]. And of course the audience was so angry.

How do you define success?

If you can have money, and do what you love. It’s an inner thing, it’s a spiritual thing, I suppose. So if you can have both. However, if you’re still doing the inner thing despite not having a lot of money, you’re still successful.

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