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Tritosroda Theater Productions Stages Maiden Production ‘Kalasag’

Tritosroda Theater Productions Stages Maiden Production ‘Kalasag’

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Tritosroda Theater Productions launches its very first production entitled KALASAG: Koleksyon ng mga Nakabiting Tinig sa Saliw ng Oyayi in collaboration with theatre companies, organizations, community groups and freelance artists from different backgrounds– Artist Laboratory Productions, Baon Collective, Karl Medina, Mark Mirando, The UP Repertory Company, The Scenius Pro., Labi Productions, and Tanghalang Aranzazu. The production’s concept and overall direction will be by Karen Gaerlan.

Each collaborator will have a designated sub-theme discussing a degree and/or state experienced under the theme Dreams Sequences. There will be eight (8) sites dubbed and sub-themed as follows: Pangarap, Panaginip, Bangungot, Ilusyon, Imahinasyon, Hiraya, Handuraw-An, Mahika Realistika.

KALASAG shall rekindle hope and inspire the fulfillment of aspirations and endeavors of every Filipino dreamer. Through this collaborative devise, we, as partners shall believe that,

“The things we dream of and wish for define us.”

KALASAG shall have its run on November 7-12, 7pm & November 21-26, 7pm at Bantayog ng mga Bayani – Open Grounds, Quezon City. Tickets shall be priced at Five Hundred Pesos (P500) with a special student discount of Four Hundred Pesos (P400). For show-buying and sponsorship inquiries, you may contact Kristine Bautista (0926-7016291) / tritosroda@gmail.com.


Imahinasyon as a monologue was written as a personal piece dealing with the conscious mind and how it speaks of and with itself, arguing and agreeing with itself all at the same time, happening all in a day. And within this day is the simultaneous representation of the mundane day-to-day routine of life, and the deeper subconscious that continually seeks authentication by intermittently making its presence felt. While there is no traditional narrative in the text, the existence of human layers are woven into the site. As a whole, Imahinasyon may be best described
as an experimental moving installation.

Handuraw-an. “Kwentong Labi” is an art installation that utilizes mixed media such as film, performance and music. It is a journey into the subconscious of a woman battling with her inner conflicts and grief. This Handuraw-an site narrates two monologues of a man and a woman; both reminiscent of their experiences in love, be it victory or defeat.

Pangarap. In their adult life, three childhood friends meet again and reveal each other’s journey towards achieving their dream.

Ilusyon. A devised performance that critques the current “Father of our nation” and his “sons.” This is based on the personal experiences and news about Oplan Tokhang.

Majika Realistika. A satirical performance that critiques how Filipinos are lead like lamb by a so-called “shepherd” on television. Furthermore, it challenges the audience to do something about women’s rights.

Hiraya. HonesTea Shop provides a safe haven for those people who are currently suffering from depression. The shop aims to instill into its customers that in this challenging life you are not alone.

Bangungot is a 12-minute travelogue performance inspired by the story of slain transwoman Jennifer Laude. Fictionalized by the U.P. Repertory Company, it becomes a story of two siblings abused by a domineering patriarch that eventually led to their escape into a more hellish sphere of the prostitution ring, and would lead one of them into the hands of another abusive man.

Panaginip. Why are there people who don’t want to wake up from their dream? Is it because of the happiness that it brings? All that you want is given? Is it the same with Elsa so that she can feel happy or she just wants to look back in the past and stay there forever?


Each site will be handled independently by the group’s partner-collaborators and shall hold ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes of performance repeated eight (8) times per show with guides leading audience members to each site/ performance venue. A commemorative performance shall serve as a summation and conclusion to close the performance.

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