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‘Sandosenang Sapatos’ Leads 14th Gawad Buhay 3rd & 4th Quarter Citations

‘Sandosenang Sapatos’ Leads 14th Gawad Buhay 3rd & 4th Quarter Citations

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Tanghalang Pilipino’s restaging of Sandosenang Sapatos led the 14th Gawad Buhay Awards 3rd and 4th quarter citations with a total of 9 nods. Barefoot Theatre Collaborative’s staging of The Last Five Years came next with 8, followed by 9 Works Theatrical’s restaging of Tick, Tick… Boom! with 7, and REP’s RTYA offering, Snow White and the Prince, with 6.

In all, only the four aforementioned productions from August to December 2023 were considered eligible for this round of citations. All four were considered under the category Outstanding Production of Existing Material (Tick, Tick… Boom! and Sandosenang Sapatos are both restagings). Snow White and the Prince and Sandosenang Sapatos are also considered under the category of Outstanding Production for Children.

Under newly instated awards rules, restagings are considered different from reruns, which are repeat runs of previously staged shows. While reruns are not eligible for the awards, restagings are eligible under the Production of Existing Material categories. To be considered a restaging, a production must be under the same member company that staged it previously–but should be “radically restaged”: differently directed and designed (in terms of set, lights, costumes, sounds, projections, and choreography, where applicable).

All individuals involved in a restaging are considered eligible in their respective categories, provided they have not previously performed that same role or task in the earlier production of the relevant material by the relevant company. This is regardless of whether or not said individual was cited or nominated for their previous work. 

Thus, for this round of citations, Jef Flores (in Tick, Tick… Boom!) and Tanya Manalang (in Tick, Tick… Boom!) are ineligible for Male Lead Performance in a Musical (Flores previously won the award for that category in the 9th Gawad Buhay for 9 Works Theatrical’s production of the said musical in 2016) and for Female Featured Performance in a Musical (Manalang was previously nominated in that category in the same year) respectively.

Robbie Guevara (director of Tick, Tick… Boom!), who also directed the musical in 2016, is ineligible for Outstanding Stage Direction for a Musical (he was previously nominated in that category in 2016). Daniel Bartolome (musical director of Tick, Tick… Boom!), who was also the musical director in 2016, and Mio Infante (set designer of Tick, Tick… Boom!), who was also the set designer in 2016, are also ineligible.

Joed Balsamo (composer, musical director, and musical arranger of Sandosenang Sapatos), who also served as musical director in 2013, and TJ Ramos (sound designer of Sandosenang Sapatos), who also served as sound designer in 2013, are both ineligible.

Philstage is the alliance of Manila-based professional companies in the theatrical arts. Current Philstage company members include 9 Works Theatrical/The Sandbox Collective, Actors Actors, Inc./The Necessary Theatre, Ballet Manila, Barefoot Theatre Collaborative, Culturtain Musicat Productions, Full House Theater Company, Gantimpala Theater Foundation, PETA, Philippine Opera Company, Repertory Philippines, Stages, Tanghalang Pilipino, Trumpets, Twin Bill Theater, Upstart Productions, and Theatre Titas.

Only shows produced by Philstage member companies are eligible for the Gawad Buhay. However, as per existing rules, while a citation renders a production or production element eligible for a nomination, it does not guarantee a nomination.

Official nominees will be determined and announced soon.

Here is the complete list of the 2023 Gawad Buhay 3rd and 4th quarter citations:

Outstanding Musical Direction

Rony Fortich (‘The Last Five Years’)

Outstanding Choreography

Delphine Buencamino (‘The Last Five Years’)
Stephen Viñas (‘Sandosenang Sapatos’)

Outstanding Costume Design

Raven Ong (‘Snow White and the Prince’)
Marco Viaña & Paw Castillo (‘Sandosenang Sapatos’)

Outstanding Lighting Design

Meliton Roxas Jr. (‘The Last Five Years’)
Gabo Tolentino (‘Sandosenang Sapatos’)
Shakira Villa-Symes (‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’) 

Outstanding Sound Design

 Bam Tiongson (‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’)

Outstanding Set Design

 Joey Mendoza (‘The Last Five Years’)

Female Lead Performance in a Musical

Jillian Ita-as (‘Snow White and the Prince’)
Pinky Marquez (‘Snow White and the Prince’)
Felicity Kyle Napuli (‘Sandosenang Sapatos’)
Gab Pangilinan (‘The Last Five Years’)
Julia Serad (‘Snow White and the Prince’)
Wincess Jem Yana (‘Sandosenang Sapatos’) 

Male Lead Performance in a Musical

Khalil Ramos (‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’)
Myke Salomon (‘The Last Five Years’)

Female Featured Performance in a Musical

 Kayla Rivera (‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’)

Male Featured Performance in a Musical

Reb Atadero (‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’)
Dingdong Rosales (‘Snow White and the Prince’)
Floyd Tena (‘Sandosenang Sapatos’) 

Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical

‘Sandosenang Sapatos’ (Tanghalang Pilipino)
‘Snow White and the Prince’ (Repertory Philippines)
‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ (9 Works Theatrical) 

Outstanding Stage Direction for a Musical

Topper Fabregas (‘The Last Five Years’)
Jonathan Tadioan (‘Sandosenang Sapatos’)

Outstanding Production of Existing Material for a Musical

‘The Last Five Years’ (Barefoot Theatre Collaborative)
‘Tick, Tick… Boom!’ (9 Works Theatrical)

Outstanding Production for Children

‘Sandosenang Sapatos’ (Tanghalang Pilipino)

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