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4 University-based Productions this February 2024

4 University-based Productions this February 2024

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There are four university-based productions that will be staged across four universities this February. Know more about them below.

1. Orphie and The Book of Heroes By Ateneo blueREP


Ateneo blueREP, in partnership with INQUIRER.net, is set to stage Kooman & Dimond’s Orphie and The Book of Heroes, the company’s first onsite Newbie Production since 2019. BlueREP’s newbie productions serves as the first production experience for new members, allowing them to enhance their skills in the four competencies– Performance, Production, Creatives, and Theater Management.

Orphie and The Book of Heroes tells the story of spunky and curious Orphie, a young orphan girl in Ancient Greece. She sets out to save storyteller Homer and his Book of Heroes—a quest that takes her from the heights of Mount Olympus to the depths of the underworld.

The show is directed by Robert Bradly Hao, with musical direction by Maia Dapul, and choreography by Jim Ferrer. They are joined by Areté professionals John Robert Yam (sound design), Jethro Nibaten (lights design), Nilo Beriarmente (sound engineering), and Adriane Ungriano (set and props construction). University students also join the team, with set and props design by Gerard Ma and brand design by Zero Candelaria. 

Orphie and The Book of Heroes will run from February 1-4 and 8-11, 2024 at the Doreen Fernandez Black Box Theater, Areté, Ateneo de Manila University. Tickets are available at bit.ly/OrphieblueREPTickets. For any ticket inquiries, email bluerep.house@gmail.com.


2. Patay na si Cory By Mediartrix-UST


MEDIARTRIX-UST is celebrating its 27th year with a musical entitled Patay na si Cory at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium on February 21, 23, and 24, 2024.

Oo, tama ang nasa balita, si Corazon Piqueño, ang munting sampaguita vendor sa simbahan ng Santa Juana ay patay na matapos makitaan ng droga sa kanyang bulsa. Kahit na simple lamang siyang sampaguita vendor, maraming buhay na siyang nahawakan at nabahagian. Sa kaniyang munting lamay, makikita sina: Jade, Kevin, Aling Tasing, Nanay Juana, at si Mayor Jun. Ano kaya ang magiging reaksiyon ng limang ito sa balitang patay na si Cory?

Patay na si Cory is managed and written by Michael Angelo Ocampo, and directed by Jon Steven Guancia.

The show will run on February 21 (11AM, 3PM, and 6PM), 23 (6PM), and 24 (11AM, 3PM, and 6PM) at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium in the University of Santo Tomas.

For tickets, visit their official social media accounts for more information.



Written by current Adamson University students Jehu Adolfo and Jasmine Cheng, Ang Babaeng Hindi Namamatay follows a girl who is granted immortality by Bathala. She witnesses all that has become of her home and her people. She faces all the difficulties of the Filipinos from Pre-Colonial, Colonial, and up until the present. With all the time she has spent in the Philippines, what can she say to all that she has witnessed? How did we get here? How did this happen? Where did we go wrong? Why are we here? Will she try to make a change or will she just flow with time? Is her immortality a gift or a curse?

The play is directed by Heart Romero. It will be staged on February 9 to 10 at the Adamson University Theater. Tinik ng Teatro is the oldest fully accredited theater organization in Adamson University.

Get your tickets here:
For outside guests: https://forms.gle/LttF8c2RLyoRw74h6
For Adamson University students: https://forms.gle/CZNMNC6sUFPH6eMb8

For inquiries:
For outside guests: Rhyme Chal Layante (09692956412)/ Allysa Mae Gorada (09504959207)
For Adamson University students: Jeane Canares (09958105030)/ Marijo Chua (09467617109)

4. Now Showing! By ViARE (UA&P)

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, ViARE is set to stage Now Showing!, a play that follows a group of theater students who were not informed about the day of an open rehearsal for their upcoming production. The characters go through the struggles of building a theater show as unexpected audience members take their seats. In the face of this difficult situation, Now Showing is an optimistic perspective amidst Gen Z’s pessimism, where the cast tries to put together their talents and love for theater in order to make it work.

Stephen Dusaban Jr. returns to direct the show after his directorial debut with the organization’s Deadline last year. Dusaban Jr. writes the script alongside ViARE member Alyannah Solis.

Anewbie production, the production introduces the organization’s newbie members introduces ViARE’s newbies, Anton Arevalo, Ramon Borlongan, Franco Cariño, Migs De la Cruz, Sito Esteban, Cassy Fong, Kyri Maramo, Tobey Perez, Rafa Racho, and Miguel Taguibao.

Now Showing! will run from February 22-23, 28-29, and March 1, 2024 at the Telengtan Hall, 5th Floor ACB, University of Asia & the Pacific.

Tickets are available through: https://forms.gle/yabXUe64bFxA7moz6

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