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WATCH: Red Turnip Theater Releases Trailer for Tribes

WATCH: Red Turnip Theater Releases Trailer for Tribes

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Red Turnip Theater has officially released its trailer for Tribes!

This offbeat love story about an unconventional family with a deaf son stars Kalil Almonte, Angela Padilla, Dolly de Leon, Teroy Guzman, Cris Pasturan, and Thea Yrastorza, with direction by Topper Fabregas.

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Clockwise: Topper Fabregas (director), Dolly de Leon, Teroy Guzman, Cris Pasturan, Angela Padilla, Kalil Almonte, Thea Yrastorza

This interesting trailer was produced by Indie Pop Films, Marie Jamora and Jason McLagan’s full service live-action and stop-motion animation production house. You can learn more about them on indiepopfilms.com.

Marie Jamora: “Jason McLagan’s newest work to date — a trailer using a new stop-motion technique called “strata-stencil” — for Red Turnip Theater’s play, TRIBES, directed by Topper Fabregas, which you can catch starting August 5th!! For this trailer, Jason animated the lead actors’ hands (Kalil Almonte and Angela Padilla) performing sign language by using pixilation, and we printed this hand choreography on over 700 pieces of paper, which were carefully cut out by our amazing crew. Jason then animated this paper with 15,000 movements in a 15-hour shoot day. I highly recommend you guys watch this trailer in HD and streaming on wifi. There are absolutely NO EFFECTS on this, and NO CG. I’d like to thank the hardworking interns from CSB who helped cut each page and assisted Jason during the 15-hour shoot. Many thanks as well to Pong Ignacio, who designed the lighting, Teresa Barrozo, who composed the score, and Jenny Jamora + Mariko Yasuda who always made sure we had everything we needed. This is an Indie Pop Films production, in cooperation with Red Turnip Theater.”

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The show opens on August 5! For more information about what’s happening in the Manila theater scene, please view our Theater Calendar.

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