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The Emperor’s New Clothes is All Set to Open on July 29

The Emperor’s New Clothes is All Set to Open on July 29

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Another classic work of Hans Christian Andersen will be premiered through its famous story of “THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES” by Kids Acts Philippines, the premier children’s theatre in the country. This is the company’s 14th Musical Theatre Season offering for schools, parents, children and the entire family.

Kids Acts Philippines proudly presents “THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES” with script, lyrics and direction by LUIGI NACARIO, who won his first writing crown from BroadwayWorld Philippines Awards through Hansel and Gretel Musical and music by EUGENE BELBIS, who recently won his Best Musical Director Trophy of last year’s ALIW Awards through Beauty and the Beast Musical. These two collaborators of creating children’s musicals were named by critics as the Philippines’ “Jim Eiler and Jean Bargy”, the renowned creators of children’s musicals of the world.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Terence Guillermo as The Emperor


The Emperor’s New Clothes is a story of honesty, forgiveness and humility. It corners the Emperor’s vanity to clothes and living a life of extravagance, luxury and lavishness. It was said that the Emperor loved beautiful new clothes so much that he spent all his money on being finely dressed. He loved going to the theater or fond of riding about in his carriage to show off his new clothes. He had a different costume for every hour of the day. He was the ruler who spent most of his time in his dressing more than at the palace’s court. One day his royal wife and at the same time his fashion confidant suggested of a grand and extravagant thanksgiving parade. The royal couple invited all the finest weavers in the kingdom to create cloth that will exalt the emperor to be envied by all. Until, he was swindled by the two weavers, who claimed to be weavers who knew how to make the finest cloth imaginable with colors and patterns were extraordinarily beautiful, that its material had the amazing property which was invisible to anyone who was incompetent and stupid. The announcement went around the kingdom that the emperor will be parading new clothes and only those who were sensible can see its magnificence. On the day of thanksgiving, everyone praised the emperor’s new clothes, while all the people were applauding and giving good admiration to the king and his costume, a child’s voice echoed confidently up in the air that made everyone stupefied and speechless. He shouted, “The Emperor doesn’t have anything on!”, the statement brought each one to realize that the child was right. The emperor shuddered, for he knew that they were right, but he thought to just go on walking together with the chamberlains carrying the train that wasn’t there. He immediately ordered to capture the tricksters and punished them accordingly. The two tricksters pleaded for forgiveness and promised to create the real splendid clothes for him as a sign of their honest repentance as they were true fine weavers before they became dishonorable cheaters. After several days, the new clothes of the emperor was finished that only wonderful words can be said to describe the creation being a real masterpiece of all time. The emperor announced a second royal procession not to brag his clothes but to celebrate the true spirit of happiness that people should get hold of for a progressive and peaceful kingdom that will make all live happily forevermore.

The Emperor's New Clothes


Come, Watch and Discover how the Emperor fashioned his self from spendthrift leader to an exuberant prudent ruler of The Emperor’s New Clothes featuring Red Nuestro and Terence Guillermo as the Emperor; Kendrick Ibasco and Derrick Gozos as Trickster Christian; Ina Salonga and Hya Leonado as Trickster Martha; Ces Dela Cruz, Agnes Sarreal and Zscharmaine Barretto as the Empress; Enrhil Serguino as the Old Minister; the Powerhouse Ensemble like Ria Albaladejo, Faye Velicaria, Henry Se, Vince Abratigue, Rommel Dimaculangan, Ralph Bantilan, Jonathan Cadelina, Justin Orolfo, VJ Parreno, Jesiela Gripo, Lory Deang, Victoria Mina, Teri Lacayanga, Mary Sabanal, Jewel Yu, Angel Yu, Erika Marcos, April Valde and Princess Manaloto.

Artistic and Production Team

The artistic and production team of THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES is composed of Luigi Nacario (Stage Direction & Costume Design); Eugene Belbis (Music & Orchestration); Bong Dela Cruz (Choreography), Joven Estremera (Set Design), Marian Alix (Production Management) and Emma Doverte (Stage Management).

Show Details

Family Day & Press Preview: JULY 30, 2016, Saturday at 2:00PM
Regular Run: JULY 29, 30, 31, AUGUST 5, 6 & 7, 2016.
Time: 10:00AM, 2:00PM & 6:00PM
Venue: ST. CECILIA’S HALL, St. Scholastica’s College, Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila.

Ticket Price: Php 500
Buy tickets at TicketWorld Manila at 891.9999 and SM Tickets at 470.2222 (all ticket charges apply)

For further inquiries, please call 507.3396 / 09154478959 / 09164338565
Or visit Facebook page – www.facebook.com/kidsactsphilippines
Follow us on Tweeter – www.twitter.com/KidsActs
Instagram: @kidsactsphilippines

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