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Pinocchio, the Live Marionette Musical, Opens this September

Pinocchio, the Live Marionette Musical, Opens this September

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Carlo Collodi’s popular story about a puppet named PINOCCHIO will come to life on stage by premiere kid actors of the country under Kids Acts Philippines. The first in the country doing musicals for kids and by the kids, is the company’s 14th Musical Theatre Season offering for school, parents, children and the entire family.


Kids Acts Philippines proudly presents “PINOCCHIO” with script, lyrics and direction by LUIGI NACARIO, and music by EUGENE BELBIS. The group won an award from ALIW Awards through Hansel and Gretel as Best Production for Children wherein all featured actors of the musical were kids. Belbis and Nacario’s collaboration of creating children’s musicals can be considered works of the masters, that may lead them to be christened as Fathers of Philippine Children’s Theatre.



Noel Comia Jr. as Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a of a puppet boy who dreamed to become a real boy. The story begun, one fine day, that a piece of wood found itself in the shop of an old carpenter named Master Cherry to make the leg of a table. As he was about to give the first blow of his hatchet, he heard a wee, little voice coming from the wood. His face had changed and fright had turned him to death. To appease his terror, he gave the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto who took it to make himself a marionette, a puppet that will dance, fence and turn somersaults. He called it Pinocchio, the first pranks of the marionette, the name that will make his fortune. The adventure of Pinocchio started right after he was fashioned by his father Geppetto. He went out of his way to explore the world of wonders and never returned home. He met the Talking Cricket, the Puppets in the Marionette Theater, The Fox and the Cat who robbed his five gold pieces given by the Fire Eater and the Blue Fairy named Fairy Azure who promised him to become a real boy. To grant his wish, he must obey and be honest to all his undertakings. He had a nose that grew long when he tells a lie. As he wandered around the village, a Pigeon informed him that his father Geppetto was swallowed by a Terrible Whale while riding in a small boat to look for him. And that started his venture to find his father in the vast sea until he was also gulped down by the same whale. Inside the whale’s stomach, Pinocchio and the weak Geppetto were reunited. They made their way to get out of the whale’s body through the courage of the wooden boy. Both were tossed high and low by the big waves until they landed on the shore. To revive his father’s strength, Pinocchio offered good deeds to the villagers to gain food to nourish, water to quench and pennies to buy clothes. The Blue Fairy was so happy of what Pinocchio has done, she granted precious reward to his good deeds. She made her magic worked and on the next day, Pinocchio woke up as real boy. And they both lived happily ever after together with all the people and animals in their village.



Nathan Flores as Pinocchio

Come, Watch and Discover how the Adventures of Pinocchio touch everyone’s lives in his heartwarming promise not to tell a lie to get rid of his nose that elongates when he tells one, to become obedient to elders and his unconditional love to his father. The play features TheCampArt Kid Actors of Kids Acts Philippines namely: Noel Comia Jr and Nathan Flores as Pinocchio; Hya Leonado and Angel Yu as The Blue Fairy Azure; Justin Orolfo as Geppetto; together with Ella Gonzalez, Allen Orolfo, Jewel Yu, Shanelle Comia, Liam Crisologo, Ivan Jacosalem, Liza Marcos, Walline Calderon, Joshua Ang, Princess Manaloto, Aliyah Rabara, Jana Adorable, Welcy Calderon, Aizeah Gonzales, Murline Uddin, Chelsea Sangco, Zoey Taberna, Denise Arteta, Leani Columna, Kris Robles, Rechelle Balasoto, Hyannah Estanislao, Danna Cordova, Audrey Morgan, Ivien Jacosalem, Dani Mejia, Alex Mejia, Patricia Dimaano, Omar Uddin, Ryan Nubla and Ken Soleta


Noel Comia Jr. as Pinocchio

Artistic and Production Team

The artistic and production team of PINOCCHIO, THE LIVE MARIONETTE MUSICAL is composed of Luigi Nacario (Choreography, Costume Design & Stage Direction); Eugene Belbis (Music & Orchestration); Manuel Edralin (Poster & Set Design); Joash Santiago (Lights Design); Mica Sabariaga (Photography); Marian Alix (Production Management); Emma Doverte (Stage Management) and Princess Tuason (Assistant Stage Manager).

Show Details

Family Day & Press Preview: SEPTEMBER 24, 2016, 2:00PM
Regular Run: SEPTEMBER 23, 24, 25, 30, OCTOBER 1 & 2, 2016.
Time: 10:00AM, 2:00PM & 6:00PM
Venue: ST. CECILIA’S HALL, St. Scholastica’s College, Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila.

Ticket Price: Php 500
Buy tickets at TicketWorld Manila at 891.9999 and SM Tickets at 470.2222 (All ticket charges apply)

For further inquiries, please call 507.3396 / 09154478959 / 09194338565

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