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Now Streaming: ‘Radyo Drama’ Audio Drama about a Queer Family

Now Streaming: ‘Radyo Drama’ Audio Drama about a Queer Family

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A new radio drama podcast, Radyo Drama, is now available for streaming.

The radio drama is a mini-series telling the story of an ‘unbelievable’ queer family over the span of five decades covering three generations.

It follows the story of Joy who disappeared after her husband committed suicide, leaving her two children, Jun-jun and Roma in the care of their Auntie Charlie. Later on, Roma, now a transwoman, came upon her father’s suicide note. Roma then begins her search for her missing mom.

It is a story of the search for family, with characters searching for what a family consists of, how it can strain human relationships, but most importantly, how family can also heal wounds that families themselves have inflicted.

The radio drama is directed, written, and produced by Carlo Paulo Pacolor with co-producer and photography by Gio Potes. Performed by Mela Habijan, John Jerome Mongaya, Sheryll Ceasico, Albert Cruz, Ekis Gimenez, Kath Castillo, Allen Marquez, Jasper Villasis, Kristel Perlas, and Mark Daniel Dalacat.

You can stream the first episode for free on their website.

The rest of the episodes can be accessed by signing up for the group’s Patreon. The raised funds will be used for the full staging of this same show in 2022.

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