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Now Streaming: Ballet Philippines’ ‘Firebird and Other Ballets’

Now Streaming: Ballet Philippines’ ‘Firebird and Other Ballets’

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Firebird and Other Ballets produced by the country’s classical and contemporary dance institution, Ballet Philippines, is streaming four different ballets showcasing a mixture of contemporary and neo-classical works choreographed by David Campos, Dwight Rodrigazo, and Carlo Pacis.

The offering starts with Weighted Whispers, choreographed by Carlo Pacis. The piece depicts dealing with themes of love, abuse, and infidelity. Performed by Rita Winder, Garry Corpuz, Ma. Celina Dofitas, and Jean Marc Cordero.

Moving Two, choreographed by Dwight Rodrigazo, contrasts the first performance with its music by Johann Pachelbel accompanied by the performances of Katrene San Miguel and Lester John Reguindin.

Next is Ne Neh Le Dej lures, choreographed by David Campos. The performance starts with a fast rhythm composed by Iva Bittova. It is performed by Jean Marc Cordero, Sarah Anne Alejandro, Victor Maguad, Denise Parungao, Louise John Ababon, Jemima Reyes, Erl Sorilla, Monica Amanda Gana, Garry Corpuz, and Stephanie Eunice Cabral.

The night ends with Firebird, choreographed by George Birkadze, with a set by Ohm David. It reimagines the Russian folktale of the same name, setting it into a pre-Hispanic Philippine Setting. It is performed by Jenima Reyes as Firebird, Jean Marc Cordero as The Pearl merchant from the Silk Road, Monica Amanda Gana as The Princess from the land of spices, and, Victor Maguad as Koschei Immortal. Mark Higgins is Costume Designer with Jonjon Villareal as Lighting Designer. 

Stream Firebird and other ballets here:



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