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19 Shows on Kumu for Theater Fans

19 Shows on Kumu for Theater Fans

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If you’re a theater fan and you want to know what your faves are up to, they’ve been serving some musical / theater goodness over on Kumu!

Kumu, the online streaming app, has been a haven for theater artists during the pandemic, and audiences can enjoy everything from online concerts and scene performances, to staged readings, and trivia nights.

If you’ve yet to download the app or you’re already on there, but not sure where to start, we’ve curated these shows that you can catch on Kumu.

Make sure to follow the Kumu accounts listed below so you don’t miss any of the streams you want to check out!

1. Rockeoke Jam with Sarah Facuri and Mark Tayag

When: every Thursday at 10pm
Where: @sarahfacuri

Sarah Facuri and Mark Tayag sing rock and alternative rock songs every Thursday night. Sometimes, they even have guests on to jam with them!

Sarah also hosts Sarahnade Sessions every Tuesday at 7pm. She also does Go Figure! body positivity discussions with Cai Cortez, Radha, Jemimah Cruzata, and Mayi Mamaclay, where they alternate in hosting every Wednesday at 6pm.

2. Scorpio Sabado with Arman Ferrer, Jep Go, and Sarah Facuri

When: every Saturday at 8pm
Where: alternating with @armanferrer, @jepgo, @sarahfacuri

These talented Scorpio’s take turns hosting and band together every Saturday night to sing themed weekly concerts.

Jep, on his own account, also holds Hugot Nights and Throwback Jams on alternating Tuesday nights at 9pm, where he sings hugot songs and performs music from his nostalgic past.

3. Kape Boys with Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Mark Tayag, and Carlos Canlas

When: every Wednesday at 10pm
Where: @rafasaurus

They call themselves the kape boys because they have the kapal ng mukha to sing really challenging songs. Watch them take on this weekly challenge!

4. Sariling Sikap Ensemble Power with Mica Fajardo, Jom Logda, and Kiara Dario

When: every Thursdays or Fridays at 8 or 9pm
Where: alternating with @micafajayjay, @jomlogdat, @kiaramiren

Mica, Jom, and Kiara sing ensemble songs as solo arrangements while dispelling the myths and the negative stigma about being members of the ensemble.

Mica, on her own account, also hosts a weekly cooking show every Sunday from 2-4pm, where she cooks new and go-to recipes while giving them away to 3 lucky winners, and a number of game shows during the week, where she asks viewers to come up on screen and play real-time.

5. Open Mic: Category with Jom Logdat

When: every Tuesday at 9pm
Where: @jomlogdat

After a category is chosen, Jom puts together a themed open mic night with her viewers! She also has a Soulmates night every Wednesday at 9pm, where she sings R&B music with Kayla Rivera, and a Sunday Slowdown stream, where she sings chill music with co-host Gian Magdangal every Sunday at 9pm.

6. Sunday Slowdown with Gian Magdangal and Jom Logdat

When: every Sunday at 9pm
Where: alternating between @gianmagdangal and @jomlogdat

Listen to Gian and Jom serenade you with chill music as you get mentally ready to start another work week.

7. KumuStagings with TaMis and Friends by Tarek El Tayech and Missy Maramara

When: every Sunday night
Where: @tarekkingball

It’s a pleasant surprise every Sunday with Tarek and Missy, as they host staged readings of yet-to-be-announced plays with other theater artists every Sunday. 

Tarek also hosts a number of shows within the week– a Sports talk show called The Balbas Bros every Monday at 7pm, a singing and hanging out stream called Tuesdays with Tarek on Tuesday afternoons, a virtual version of the party game Werewolf with theater friends every Wednesdays, and Friday Night Frights with Sarah Facuri and Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante, where they talk about their fears every Friday at 7:30pm.

8. #TanReb with Reb Atadero and Tanya Manalang

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays or Fridays to Saturdays at 9pm
Where: @rebxtanya

The theater couple hosts toy raffles, trivia nights, game nights, arts and crafts nights, while singing and interacting with their audiences. Experience what it’s like to be part of the #TanReb fam.

9. Musical Escape and Home with Yanah Laurel

When: 4-5 times a week at 10pm
Where: @yanahlaurel

Yanah has singing sessions with her viewers, whom she fondly calls FamiYahah. She centers her stream with good vibes, positivity, and gratitude.

10. Kwantuhan Tayo! and Tito Ku Tito Mu with The Madmen and Friends

When: Thursdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 10pm
Where: @madmenphilippines

The theater titos, i.e. The Madmen– Chino Veguillas, Raul Montesa, Juliene Mendoza, and Raymund Concepcion have discussions on chosen topics with their theater friends, Cara Barredo, Sam Sewell, Jonel Mojica, and Arnel Carrion, while singing songs from different genres across generations. 

Chino, on his own account @chinov, also has a Lyrics.Kumu stream with Jonel every second and fourth Wednesday, where they break down song lyrics and discuss a song’s style and inspiration.

On his own account, @djdaddya_official, Arnel Carrion also hosts a number of streams on weekends– House Music with DJ Daddy A, DJ Daddy A on a Sunday, and I love 80’s and 90’s Dance Music with DJ Daddy A.

11. Mellow Midweek with Jonel Mojica and Arnel Carrion

When: every Wednesday at 10pm
Where: @j.mo 

Jonel and Arnel sing mellow songs from the 70’s to the 90’s, a throwback when Arnel (a.k.a. DJ Daddy A) was a Mellow Touch DJ in the 90’s.

Jonel also has Thinking Aloud streams every Tuesday at 8pm, where he discusses self-help and motivational topics like handling adversity, dealing with anxiety, and breaking patterns.

12. Kumunidaddies with Gian Magdangal and Chino Veguillas 

When: Wednesdays at 12nn
Where: alternating between @gianmagdangal and @chinov

Kumu dads Gian and Chino hang-out with their fellow daddies to talk about paternal and not so paternal topics.

13. Wayback Wednesdays with Diego Aranda and Diandra Concepcion

When: every Wednesday at 8pm
Where: alternates between @diegoaranda and @deeyondruhh

Diego and Diandra sing songs from the early 2000’s and back, together with other fellow artists who want to jam with them.

Diandra, on her own account, also organizes virtual game nights every Monday at 8pm.

14. Chill Evenings with Tim Pavino and Jep Go 

When: every Wednesday at 10pm
Where: @timpavino

Tim and Jep have jamming sessions every Wednesday, as they bring people together through singing, chikahan, tawanan, and iyakan.

15. Akyatan Collabs with Justine Narciso

When: every Friday at 11am
Where: @jnarseesaw

Justine asks viewers to come up for one-on-one writing, singing, performing, and acting sessions!

She also has Let Me Draw You! streams every Monday at 11am, where she draws digital portraits of her viewers stream real-time. Now that’s a keepsake!

16. Kumu-Cooking Musical with Apple Chiu

When: every morning from 11am-1am
Where: @applechiu

Apple sings while she cooks delicious meals for her family every morning. Preparing food never felt this fun!

17. With Love, Jay with Jay Barrameda (@jaybarrameda86) every Tuesday at 9pm

When: every Tuesday at 9pm
Where: @jaybarrameda86

Jay is a classically trained musical theater artist. Catch him sing both genres and more in his weekly stream!

18. Regular singing streams with Gab Pangilinan, Kayla Rivera, Alfritz Blanche, Carla Guevara Laforteza, Nino Alejandro, Johann Dela Fuente, Poppert Bernadas, MC Dela Cruz, Fred Lo, Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante, Raflesia Bravo, Gian Magdangal, Floyd Tena, Vic Robinson and Rissey Reyes, Matthew Chang, and more!  

When: multiple times a week
Where: @gabpangilinan, @kaylarivera, @alfritz10, @carla4teza, @ninoalejandro, @direkjohann, @poppert, @mcdlcrz, @mrfredlaw, @mikkievolante, @raflesiabravo, @gianmagdangal, @floydtena, @vicssey, @violinochang

These leading ladies and leading men of musical theater have singing streams on their channels multiple times a week. There is really nothing like experiencing a live, interactive concert session with your theater faves. Just follow them on Kumu and you’ll be sure not to miss them!

19. Musical Mondays, Watchamacallit Wednesdays, and Feature Fridays with p.a.k.

When: every Monday at 8pm, every Wednesday at 2pm and 8pm, every Friday at 2pm and 8pm
Where: @p.a.k.

Theater artists recently formed a group under @p.a.k., which is short for Performing Artists on Kumu.

Members perform theme-related content (i.e. music from Disney, contemporary musicals, the classics, and more) on Musical Mondays, collaborate for their own curated content on Watchamacallit Wednesdays, feature one or two members on Feature Fridays, and hold a monthly group-wide PAK event where the members come together and showcase what they can do as a community at large.

Current members of the group include Alfritz Blanche, Amiel Mendoza, Arman Ferrer, Apple Chiu, Arnel Carrion, Carla Guevara Laforteza, Chino Veguillas, Christian Parado, Diandra Concepcion, Diego Aranda, Fred Lo, Gab Pangilinan, Gian Magdangal, Giob Rodriguez, Jay Barrameda, Jay Pangilinan, Jaydee Jasa, Jep Go, Jim Ferrer, Johann Dela Fuente, Jonel Mojica, Jom Logdat, Juliene Mendoza, Justine Narciso, Kayla Rivera, Kiara Dario, Lara Maigue, Mark Tayag, Matthew Chang, Maxine Ramos, Mayi Mamaclay, Miah Canton, Mica Fajardo, Mikkie Bradshaw-Volante, Myrene Santos, Nelsito Gomez, Nino Alejandro, Phi Palmos, Poppert Bernadas, Raflesia Bravo, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Rafael Sudayan, Raul Montesa, Raymund Concepcion, Reb Atadero, Rissey Reyes, Sam Sewell, Sarah Facuri, Tanya Manalang, Tarek El Tayech, Tim Pavino, Vic Robinson, and Yanah Laurel.

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