FIRST LOOK- Performance Excerpts from Hercules: The Valiant Warrior of Thebes!

Screenshot of Natasha Cabrera

Fullblast Productions makes its comeback to the theater with an original musical written by renowned playwright Eljay Deldoc. Musical direction and original music is by Edwin Lacsa.

Screenshot of Natasha Cabrera

During the press conference held last July 15, director Riki Benedicto told us that the audience can expect something very different in this latest version.

Benedicto: “I’m moving away from the Greek na may pillar, may draping. It’s post-apocalyptic. It’s a different look. So even the characters it’s like medyo fusion siya ng iba’t ibang cultures in a way but still it’s the same story line as the Greek tragedy. But kinakabig ko siya in a different direction for the audience to see something different. Not the usual Hercules.”


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Benedicto: “We are looking for an element that will convey our message that life is a battlefield. It’s a battlefield for everyone not just Hercules. It’s not Hercules’ story anymore. It’s the story of everybody. Of every character. Lahat sila may quest. Lahat sila may battle. So lahat ng characters mahihighlight once in a while. Then iyung mga contribution na iyun iyun iyung bubuo sa Hercules.”

The video below features four songs from the musical:
1. Born from Love and Courage performed by Ronah Adiel Rostata
2. Wrath of Hera performed by Natasha Cabrera
3. Twin Flames performed by Polo Ravales and CJ Marin
4. Moon’s Waxed performed by the ensemble

The show will run from September 15-17 at the Star Theater.

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