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Polo Ravales Topbills Hercules: The Valiant Warrior of Thebes

Polo Ravales Topbills Hercules: The Valiant Warrior of Thebes

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If you think that you already know everything about the legendary man-god, think again. Fullblast Productions, the most exciting entertainment company today founded by the core members of Young Artists Production, is mounting an edgy take on our favorite Greek mythology character with the play Hercules: The Valiant Warrior of Thebes in September featuring the very talented Polo Ravales as lead actor. The cast also includes Natasha Cabrera, Ronah Rostata, CJ Flores Marin, Paw Castillo, Fatima Cadiz, Hutch Perales, Jhay-R Baccol, Francelle Fetalvero, Jovito Bonita, Jasper Jimenez, Jasmin Salvo, Ren Medina, and Tina Dela Cruz.


Director Riki Benedicto with Producers Mhay Ocampo, Mosang, Fort Sarmiento

“My vision for the play is for it to be able to tackle the not so familiar dimensions of Hercules. I wanted to zero in on his quest for his self-actualization by looking closer at the reasons of his actions and also the key players in his life,” says acclaimed actor Riki Benedicto who will take the helm of the direction of this production.

Musical Direction and original music by Erwin Lacsa, one of the members of Ryan Cayabyab Singers.

Eljay Deldoc, who has written so many materials for Virgin Labfest/ Teatro Tomasino, is the playwright of this production. He believes that the people will see a very different story-telling of Hercules because it focuses not just on Hercules alone but puts special attention to the role of the other characters. He is very much excited to showcase these other characters who will provide the right triggers to Hercules’ greatness. More than that, he is also very proud about how relevant the lessons of this play are to the people they want to watch it: college, high school and grade school students. The main actor of the play also shares that view.

“Going deeper into my study of the play, I am starting to realize that it has powerful lessons that a lot of the teens today can learn from specially when it comes to going through important journeys that lead to one’s destiny. I am so proud that I am part of this play that can make a difference,” says seasoned actor Polo Ravales.

Catch this exciting new production on September 15, 16 & 17 at 10:00 AM, 2:00 PM & & 7:00 PM at Star Theater, CCP Complex. Sponsored by DMV House of Acting & Performing Arts, Brand Republic, Ellen’s Skin Care, N. TAN Dental Office, Headway Vera Salon, Garage 88, Sining-Lahi Alumni, Dental First, Secosana, Yakult, Dr. Pangpasma, Faces & Curves and Legato and Produced by JMJ Events and Production.

For tickets, please contact 0917-5643718, 0917-8294503, 0927-7515726 and TICKETWORLD at 891-9999.


Hercules: The Valiant Warrior of Thebes is a retelling of one of Greek mythology’s most prominent legends. As told by Teiresias, the musical play chronicles the extraordinary life and journey of Hercules, a demi-god whose fate is ascribed to a multitude of adventures and heroic exploits.


Polo Ravales as Hercules

Hercules’ life was far from easy from the moment of his birth as he was despised by Hera, the queen of all gods. In her desire to overthrow Hercules, she persecuted him by casting a madness spell that caused him to do a series of incredible acts of penance. In order to fulfill this atonement, Hercules endured daunting tasks from King Eurystheus, which included killing a creature with nine heads, capturing a stag with horns of gold, retrieving flesh-eating mares, and bringing a three-headed dog up from the Underworld. In all these magnificent feats, Hercules’ strength, compassion, and determination were put into test.

CJ Flores Marin as Megara

CJ Flores Marin as Megara

Reimagining a timeless tale from the most primordial sources, this retelling presents an odyssey that challenges the courage of the heart, greatness of the soul, and strong will to change for the better.


Riki Benedicto is an actor, director, teacher and stunts choreographer. He is a former member of Tanghalang Pilipino’s Actors’ Company for which he did several productions some of which includes Noli Me Tangere the Musical, Banaag at Sikat, Tatlong Mariya, Madonna Brava, Doc Ressureccion and Kudeta; which garnered him a nomination for Philstage Gawad Buhay! Outstanding Featured Performance. For Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), he was part of Wonder Twins of Boac, Arbol de Fuego, and Noli Fili Dekada Dos Mil. As a director, he has headed several productions with Tanghalang Pilipino, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Virgin Labfest, and Dulaang Filipino. Some of his directorial productions include Kinaumagahan, Oberpass and So Sangibo, (T.P/Virgin Labfest), J.P. (CCP), Out at Sea (Dulaang Filipino), which has been sent as an entry to 7th Montreal International Theatre festival, Oedipus (Dulaang Filipino) in Festival Internationale de Mont Laurier, and Trapped which garnered an international recognition at the Istropolitana Projekt’14 in Bratislava. Currently he is the Artistic Director/Trainer of Dulaang Filipino, the resident theater group of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde.


Hutch Peralaes as Theseus


Eljay Castro Deldoc earned his degree in Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. He has been writing for stage since 2009. Some of his works include Si Maria Isabella at ang Guryon ng mga Tala (Virgin Labfest 11), Ang Goldfish ni Prof. Dimaandal (Virgin Labfest 10), Para Kay B (Teatro Tomasino and UPLB SamaSining), Owel (Virgin Labfest 9), Ang Favorite Book ni Jude (Teatro Tomasino and Tabsing Kolektib), Ramon Bautistar and His Tales From D Friendzone (Tabsing Kolektib), and Ligo na U, Lapit na Me The Musical (Tabsing Kolektib). Eljay has been a fellow of the Cordillera Creative Writing Workshop, IYAS National Writers Workshop, and PUP Multi-Genre Writers Workshop. He is a founding member of Tabsing Kolektib, a Manila- and Laguna-based theater guild that produces stage adaptations of Filipino contemporary literature. Recently, he also ventures on television writing as one of the writers of GMA 7’s Juan Tamad, Naku Boss Ko, and Conan My Beuatician. Read some of his works at www.deldoctrines.wordpress.com


Natasha Cabrera as Hera

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