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“It is a two-hour show, yet if one were a lover of OPM from the 1970s-1990s, one could only pray that it would go on and on in order to savor the musicality of these millennial actors and actresses.”   

Dulaang UP’s “Ang Dalagita’y ‘sang Bagay na Di-buo” is an important and impressive production aimed at educating all Filipinos on the long-term effects of sexual abuse.

“In their solos and duets, Ezra and Ferrer once again proved that they deserve their places in the list of serious, classically trained tenors in the Philippines.”

“Under the precise hand of De Jesus, the well-paced production showcased the fine ensemble of actors and actresses as they slowly simmered and exploded in a volcano of emotions.”

“For a student theater group, the FEU Theater Guild’s production of ‘Ang Pinakamakisig’ could rival one-act plays mounted by Filipino professional companies.”

‘Angry Christ’ sets towering touchstone in Philippine theater.