“The Oscars are movies’ biggest night, but this year, it looks like Hollywood and Broadway are set to collide.”

Twenty Questions

“More than the potentially trite topic of romantic relationships, the play poses more important questions: What is conversation? What does it take for people to form bonds with one another?”

As Actors-Manila

“As Actors – Manila is a hysterically funny web series created by Hugo Chiarella and Tamlyn Henderson, documenting their experiences in Manila as members of Les Miserables’ touring production.”

Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko

“From the driving overture, and with images of vintage ads and 70s Manila projected onto the curtains, the show grabs you from the beginning and never lets go.”


“From the moment the curtain rises, you’re dazzled by Mio Infante’s scenic design and larger-than-life set pieces.”

The Hamilton mixtape

“No matter your musical leanings, this is an album that promises to keep everyone satisfied.”

“With ‘Always Upon A Time’, Trumpets shows yet again its knack for discovering and honing young talent.”