A Little Princess

“The vocal performances in the show, especially that of the children’s, are splendid.”


“Incredibly warm, charming and full of heart, this production of Annie is an absolute joy to watch.”

Tick Tick Boom

“An aspiring composer on the cusp of his 30s, Jon finds himself stuck, and as he achieves nothing substantial, life and those closest to him are quickly passing by.”

Melisa Camba

“This year’s winner is Melisa Camba, who hails from the Philippines, and is currently in London after a recent stint as Toragana in Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story.”


“Red Turnip Theater continues its tradition of staging plays that make you ask questions, and TRIBES certainly does just that.”

Tony Awards

“At the 70th Annual Tony Awards, members of the Broadway community came together in an amazing display of solidarity and compassion for the victims of the [Orlando] attack, as well as those close to them.”