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WATCH: Annie Cast Ends Quick Change Chronicles with Explosive Finale

WATCH: Annie Cast Ends Quick Change Chronicles with Explosive Finale

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Have you always wondered what theater actors do backstage while their shows are going on? Well, last October, Resorts World Manila’s “Annie” gave us a sneak peak of what the fun cast gets up to behind the scenes:

Okay, this might not be what most casts do on the reg, but Caisa Borromeo, Hans Eckstein, Reb Atadero, and the rest of this fun and talented ensemble put their time, energy, and creativity in making a series of videos that give us a little look-see in what goes on while the show goes on.

They made a series of episodes featuring Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo’s quick changes for Miss Hannigan. Check out the first episode uploaded by Caisa Borromeo:

And they just got more and more creative by the episode.

After 13 short videos, the cast ends the hilarious series with a cover of Hamilton’s Guns and Ships, with lyrics re-written by Hans Eckstein and Reb Atadero, and directed by Mr. Eckstein and Ms. Borromeo respectively. They uploaded the video below only a few hours ago, a day after Annie concluded its two and a half month run at Resorts World Manila.

When we asked Caisa Borromeo what prompted them to do the series,

“For the first hour of the show, it’s mostly the orphans and Menchu on stage. So the rest of us standby for almost an hour till our first entrance. We would always see Menchu running back and forth during ‘Hard Knock Life’ for her quick changes. And we just started creating silly scenarios where she would be running away from or towards something. (laughs) Our director, Michael [Williams], was the one who documented the first one we made, which was ‘The Finish Line.’ And we had so much fun we started coming up with more scenarios. Of course, without distracting or disrupting her quick change or the show. Once we started, we couldn’t stop creating more stories. (laughs)”

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