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Tanghalang Ateneo Ends its 37th Season with Rene O. Villanueva’s Kalantiaw

Tanghalang Ateneo Ends its 37th Season with Rene O. Villanueva’s Kalantiaw

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Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company of the Loyola Schools will end its 37th Season: “Staging Revolution/s” this March with Rene O. Villanueva’s KALANTIAW.

Based on real-life events, this play, originally entitled “Ang Kagila-gilalas na Kasinungalingan Tungkol sa Isang Kayumangging Bayan”, is written by the country’s leading playwright in Filipino, Rene O. Villanueva. This Palanca First Prize-winning play is about the life of historian Jose E. Marco and the hoax he created – the controversial Code of Kalantiaw. The play, first performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and then at the Theatre Le Rond Point in Paris by Tanghalang Pilipino, forces us to take a closer and more critical look at our sense of nationalism.


L-R – Yvonne Ricaro, John Sanchez, Brian Ramos


The play focuses on the themes of nationalism and the creation of history. It follows an unnamed young historian as he dives deep into the annals of Philippine history in search for the truth about life in pre-colonial Philippines. His research leads him to Jose E. Marco, a historian who allegedly uncovered an important piece of anthropological text depicting the rules and systems implemented during those times. The young researcher delves into the lives of those who were involved in the process of making the Code of Kalantiaw, which is considered as an important part of the canon of Philippine historical texts. Many of Marco’s alleged texts are hinted at throughout the play as baseless fabrications that hold no value in the academic community. In the end, while the young historian is successful in disproving the claims of Marco, he also realizes that his search was in vain as it only led him to lies and deceit.


L-R: John Sanchez, Yvonne Ricaro


An ensemble of eight cast members will portray eighteen characters, each playing multiple roles:

John Sanchez portrays Jose E. Marco/Matandang Lalaki, the creator of the hoax of the Code of Kalantiaw who comes back from the dead to explain his reasons for fabricating the said code. John Sanchez also portrays Kalantiaw, a datu from the visayas region who was believed to have created the brutal precolonial code.


L-R: Johnel Inojosa, Brian Ramos

Brian Ramos portrays Batang Historyador, a young academic who researched on the precolonial history of the Philippines, eventually being led to the discovery that the Code of Kalantiaw was merely a hoax created by Jose Marco. Brian Ramos also portrays Luther Parker and Merton Miller.

Yvonne Ricaro portrays Asawa, Jose Marco’s wife. She also plays the role of Katutubong Babae 1-8.


L-R: Brian Ramos, Chloe Fabul, Johnel Inojosa

Johnel Inojosa portrays the role of Matandang Historayador who is the mentor of Batang Historyador.

Avie Alcantara portrays Dr. James A Robertson, the director of the national library and museum in the Philippines. He also plays the role of Estudyanteng Filipino

Jego Mallillin portrays the roles of Jose Rizal and Giya.

Chloe Fabul portrays the roles of Babae and Babaeng Guro.

Jerome Flor portrays the roles of Kusinero and Ama ni Marco.

Artistic Team

The artistic team of “KALANTIAW” is comprised of Glenn Sevilla Mas (Artistic Director and Company Moderator, Tanghalang Ateneo), Joseph Dela Cruz (OIC Company Moderator), Charles Yee (Director), Ed Lacson Jr. (Set Designer), Carlo Pagunaling (Costumes Designer), Meliton Roxas Jr. (Lights Designer), Jeff Hernandez (Sounds Designer), Gio Gahol (Choreographer) and Nic Perez (Graphic Designer).

Show Details

The play dates of “KALANTIAW” are: March 30-31, April 1-2, 5-9, 12-16 at 7 p.m. while Saturday matinee shows start at 2 p.m.

All performances will be held at the Rizal Mini Theater of the Ateneo de Manila University.

Tanghalang Ateneo’s “KALANTIAW” would like to thank its media partners: Curtain Call Manila, Sindikato Productions, WazzupPilipinas.com, Theater Fans Manila, ClickTheCity, Choose Philippines, SkedSearch, and 2nd Opinion.

For further details of the show, please contact Madel Juliano at 0917-631-4387 or email: ta.mpc78@gmail.com

Photo credits: art direction by Ed Lacson Jr.; styling by Carlo Pagunaling; photography by Christine Chung and Adrian Begonia

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