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UP Sikat Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with ‘Warla’

UP Sikat Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with ‘Warla’

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WAR IS COMING—in the form of a chess game. While the white pieces count their losses, and the black pieces prepare to mount another attack, hidden from their sight is an impending invasion.

A power-hungry empire of serpents is about to strike. This plot twist suddenly proves a game changer for both white and black pieces to start relying on their own instincts rather than their collective rules. Little do they know that the law of their land reigns supreme.

UP SIKAT’s 15th anniversary production presents how the play of power is concomitant with the power of play. In staging WARLA, we are toying with the idea that politics is merely a game; hence, we all have a part to play. This game, albeit make-believe, is as real as it gets—especially when the political imaginary fuels realpolitik. After all, isn’t it all just a game?

Whether it’s just a game or not, we must always play our part.

Show Details

Catch it on August 25, 7pm at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni of UP Diliman.

For inquiries or ticket reservations, please contact CE (+63 908 9587688) or message us at https://www.facebook.com/upsikat/.

Ticket prices:

PhP 120 (UP Student Rate)
PhP 150 (Student Rate)
PhP 200 (Standard Seats)
PhP 350 (Premium Seats)
PhP 500 (Grand Balcony Seats)
PhP 40 (S.R.O. – Open for all)

About UP Sikat

UP SIKAT (UP Sirkulo ng Kabataang Artista) is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, performing arts organization that aims to inspire students to freely express themselves while utilizing the performing arts as an avenue for social change.

Based in the College of Arts and Letters, UP SIKAT continues to encourage artists of all kinds to have their voices be heard through artistic expression. With its banner statement, “Sining. Boses. Pagbabago,” the organization’s advocacy is to promote performance art as an avenue to have one’s voice be heard and to pave way for social change. Until now, UP SIKAT is home to artists from diverse backgrounds and courses across the university.

For more details about what’s happening in the Manila theater scene, please view our Theater Calendar.

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