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Now Streaming: Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ is online

Now Streaming: Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ is online

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Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is now streaming.

Available on YouTube for free this week, the production is produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company in alliance with the charity, Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation that helps young people present Shakespeare’s works on stage. 

Julius Caesar tells the tale of two men merged by political violence and the struggle for democracy. Based on the Royal Shakespeare Company’s acclaimed stage production, the story is set in post-independence Africa during its overthrow of dictators during the ‘Arab Spring.’ The production aims to delve into the implications of political assassinations and their unexpected aftermath. 

Directed by Gregory Doran, with original music by Tayo Akinbode,  it stars the production’s original cast, Paterson Joseph as Brutus, Jeffry Kissoon as Caesar, Cyril Nri as Cassius, and Ray Fearon as Mark Antony.

You can watch it here:

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