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Now Streaming: 26 Virgin Labfest Plays are Online for Free

Now Streaming: 26 Virgin Labfest Plays are Online for Free

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This year’s Virgin Labfest may have concluded recently, but you can still watch the full one-act plays that were part of this year’s lineup!

This year’s theme is Yakap (embrace), evoking the image of embracing both the artistic community and the audience as both continue to live through a difficult time.

Here’s a list of the one-act plays you can watch right now:

  1. Yoji Sakate’s Three Sisters: Isang Noh directed by Jose Estrella
  2. Eljay Castro Deldoc’s Ang Goldfish ni Prof. Dimaandal directed by Roobak Valle
  3. Carlo Vergara’s Mula sa Kulimliman directed by Hazel Gutierrez
  4. Lino Balmes’ Amoy Pulbos ang Mga Alabok sa Ilalim ng Tren directed by Tess Jamias
  5. Em Mendez’ Unang Regla ni John directed by George de Jesus III
  6. Maynard Manansala’s Dalawang Gabi directed by Jade Castro
  7. Maki dela Rosa’s Labor Room directed by Jose Estrella
  8. J-Mee Katanyag’s Betang directed by Ed Lacson, Jr.
  9. Dominique La Victoria’s Ang Bata sa Drum directed by Dudz Terana
  10. Eljay Castro Deldoc’s Pilipinas Kong Mahal with All the Overcoat directed by Roobak Valle and Tuxqs Rutaquio
  11. Herlyn Gail Alegre’s Imbisibol directed by Law Fajardo
  12. Dustin Celestino’s Kontrabida directed by Roobak Valle
  13. Russel Legaspi’s Valley Mission Care directed by Missy Maramara
  14. Darren Bendanillo’s Banga directed by Zip Mercado de Guzman
  15. Jim Raborar’s Bulan directed by Tat Soriano
  16. J. Dennis Teodosio’s Bagahe directed by Rito Asilo
  17. Carlo Vergara’s Edgar Allan Hemingway directed by George de Jesus III
  18. Sari Saysay’s Bata sa Bus Stop directed by Topper Fabregas
  19. Sari Saysay’s Wala Nang Bata Dito directed by Tanya Lopez
  20. Adrian Ho’s Sincerity Biker’s Club directed by Jenny Jamora
  21. Eljay Castro Deldoc’s Si Maria Isabella at ang Guryon ng Mga Tala directed by Ed Lacson Jr.
  22. Floy Quintos’ An Evening at the Opera directed by Jomari Jose
  23. Layeta Bucoy’s Doc Ressureccion, Gagamutin ang Bayan directed by Tuxqs Rutaquio
  24. Juliene Mendoza’s Multiverse directed by Fitz Edward Bitana
  25. Jobert Gray Landeza’s Titser Kit directed by Adrienne Vergara
  26. Floyd Scott Tiogangco’s Pilot Episode directed by Giancarlo Abrahan

You can also access the shows here.

The list of plays that will be staged next year have also been announced. No other details have been released as of this time. For the full list of plays and playwrights for the 2022 season, watch the video below:

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