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‘Katips the Movie’ Musical Coming in 2022

‘Katips the Movie’ Musical Coming in 2022

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Philippine Stagers Foundation held two special screenings of Katips: The Movie, a new musical exploring the struggles of student activists during Martial Law.

The film was screened in Gateway Cinemas in Quezon City last November 27 and December 3. The company intends for the film to premiere abroad followed by a local release in the summer of 2022.

As previously reported, the film was written, directed, and starred in by Philippine Stagers Foundation head, Vince Tañada. The cast was led by Jerome Ponce with Nicole Laurel, Adelle Ibarrientos, Johnrey Rivas, Joshua Bulot, Vean Olmedo, Dexter Doria, Lou Veloso, OJ Arci, Dindo Arroyo, Afi Africa, Patricia Ismael, Chris Lin, Mon Confiado, and the Philippine Stagers Foundation ensemble.

Music is by Pipo Cifra, direction of photography is by Manuel Abanto, production design by Roland Rubenecia, and editing by Mark Jason Sugcang.

Based on the 2016 stage musical, Katips: Ang Mga Bagong Katipunero, the film adaptation covers decades in the lives of the people who fought bravely against a dictator so that they could live in freedom and justice. The story centers on a group of rebels, led by student leader Greg (Ponce), subversive writer Panyong (Tañada), and Alet (Ibarrientos), known as the “Tandang Sora” of those days, welcoming fellow rebels into her home as they escape curfew. Despite all the trials and tribulations they endure at the hands of the oppressive regime, the group grows and their conviction never falters. Love blossoms in the midst of the chaos and this love gets tested time and time again as the years pass. The rest of the film chronicles their efforts to keep up the fight even when the odds seem against them.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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