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Moana Features Hamilton Stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Christopher Jackson

Moana Features Hamilton Stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Christopher Jackson

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Disney’s latest film is a visually stunning animated movie about a Polynesian teenager named Moana who goes on an adventure outside her island of Motunui to try and save it. This movie seeks to break barriers as being the first Disney film to have a strong, independent, brown-skinned heroine as its lead. Moana also does not have a love interest, unlike many of the Disney films before it apart from Frozen and Brave.

But we won’t be talking about this is unless there is a special treat for theater fans!

Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda has collaborated with Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa’I to write the songs for the film, so it’s impossible not to hear Miranda’s signature sound while watching it. He also sings one particular song in the film entitled “We Know the Way”, which celebrates the voyaging of the Polynesian people.

Also featured in the film is Hamilton’s original George Washington, Christopher Jackson, singing the song “Where You Are” as Moana’s father, Chief Tui Waialiki. Here, he tries to keep Moana safe by convincing her to stay on the island and to dismiss all thoughts of voyaging outside.

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