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WATCH: Lea Salonga Entertains and Enthralls in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

WATCH: Lea Salonga Entertains and Enthralls in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

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Lea Salonga’s guesting on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been widely talked-about ever since the show’s star, Rachel Bloom revealed it at the Golden Globes last January. Well, the episode finally aired and Ms. Salonga’s guest stint is everything we ever wanted and more!

She played Tita Myrna, leading man Josh’s (Vince Rodriguez III) aunt who was invited to sing at his sister’s wedding. Like a true Tita of Manila, Ms. Salonga’s character lost no time asking Josh about his love life, pressing on when he’ll propose to his long-term girlfriend Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) already.

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The best part was her singing, of course! She closed the season superbly with a beautiful original ballad, “One Indescribable Instant”. Here’s the video from USA Today:

“http://videos.usatoday.net/Brightcove2/29906170001/2016/04/29906170001_4850717253001_4850697516001.mp4″ width=”800″ height=”450”

Ms. Salonga doesn’t just sing, we also see her showcase her comedic chops in this episode. Her scenes definitely made the episode worth watching whether or not you follow the show. It left us wanting more! Who knows? We might see more of Tita Myrna in future episodes.

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In case you don’t already watch the show, here are 3 reasons every theater fan should watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

  1. Some of the cast have serious theater creds. Leading man Vincent Rodriguez III was in an Off-Broadway staging of “Here Lies Love”. Paula, the leading actress’ best friend, is played by Broadway actress Donna Lynne Camplin. Oh, and Tony nominee Santino Fontana himself is a regular cast member in this show!
  2. It’s got great musical numbers. Need a new show to fill the hole Smash and Glee left? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend also features characters randomly breaking into song. They’re all hilarious but very catchy! You can listen to the songs on Spotify.
  3. The show is known for diversity. It’s been making waves for casting an Asian American male as a love interest– something that doesn’t happen too often in Hollywood. The show has also helped increase Filipino representation on American network TV and they’re doing it right! How cool is that?

Did you watch the episode? What did you think?

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