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Langgam Performance Troupe Stages Si Medea

Langgam Performance Troupe Stages Si Medea

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About the Company

Langgam Performance Troupe (LPT) is a contemporary performance company and research lab. We aim to examine and archive existing performance practices, develop new methodologies, and pursue innovative performance research projects through collaborations across disciplines.

About the Performance

Si Medea is mounted as an exercise in translation and an experiment in alternating main actors. In this adaptation, the modern English text of Medea (translated by J.E. Thomas) was further translated into the local language to reflect a Filipino, and in a way more familiar, context to the original core and premise of the Greek narrative. In addition, two main actors will alternate as each other’s Medea and Jason. Both wrote separate translations of the dialogues and monologues between the two principal characters in order to create two different interpretations of the same characters, and, ultimately, two alternating dimensions of the play, thereby departing from the traditional rehearsal experience of fitting two different actors into the same mold.

Medea is thus re-imagined in two versions: first, as a fierce and feared priestess in Madiya from pre-colonial Philippines, and second, as an interrupted young mother in Maida living in contemporary times. The production is directed by Blonski Cruz.

Show Details

For tickets, contact Dyan Tuble/ Jenny Logico-Cruz 0927-167-4225
*Seating capacity is very limited (35 maximum), so be sure to reserve tickets beforehand.

P250 per version; P400 for back to back versions of Madiya and Maida (20% discount)

Venue: The Open Space (134 Jupiter Street, Makati, Metro Manila)

Run: June 18-19, 25-26, July 2-3
Version 1: Madiya- 3:00-4:20pm; 7:00-8:20pm
Version 2: Maida- 4:30-5:30pm; 8:30-9:30pm

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