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DOM Comes Back for Limited Run this January

DOM Comes Back for Limited Run this January

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After its limited run last September, Dirty Old Musical is back with a new addition to the cast!

Featuring a talented ensemble that included John Arcilla, Nonie Buencamino, Michael Williams, Bo Cerrudo and Seña, D.O.M. tackles the trials, travails and misadventures of the five members of an all-male ‘80s singing group in their twilight years, reunited by a noble cause and given another shot at redeeming their lost loves and long-held passions.

Dirty Old Musical

L-R: John Arcilla, Nonie Buencamino, Robert Seña, Carlo Orosa, Bo Cerrudo

The struggle to reinvent the group proves to be tougher than they initially imagined as they grapple with the aches and pains of growing old.

(WATCH: Excerpts from Dirty Old Musical)

“We were so excited and I was particularly proud of Myke Salomon, [musical director] and Robert, who were really the ones who planned the musical. To hear the people laugh hard and see the pasted smiles on their faces were a clear affirmation of our work,” Isay [Seña] exclaims.

Partly because of the limited (eight-day) first run, Isay and company feel compelled to heed the clamor of frustrated stage fans who were not able to watch the show.

“The January rerun is still quite limited due to the complicated schedules of the cast, hence the seven shows, but we expect to do more as we find more free time among everyone,” she adds.
For the January show, equally acclaimed stage veteran Carlo Orosa will take the place of Williams, with the same technical team headed by librettist Rody Vera, director Dexter Martinez and Salomon as musical director.

Dirty Old Musical

Clockwise: John Arcilla, Carlo Orosa, Robert Seña, Bo Cerrudo, Nonie Buencamino

With their musical backdrop composed of memorable OPM hits, Seña clearly remembers some of their well-applauded highlights.

“The arrangements came as a surprise to many. Myke was able to deliver a fresh take on those OPM hits. Particularly, ‘Saludo’ and ‘Mag-Exercise Tayo Tuwing Umaga’ were riots, but the heart-wrenching Act 1 finale was a favorite too—‘Kastilyong Buhangin’ and ‘Nakapagtataka’—rendered by John, Noni, Ima and Kitkat,” he says.

Apart from its solid musical foundation, perhaps part of D.O.M.’s success is its equally “hugot-inducing” themes that revolve around friendship, bromance and the endearing Pinoy trait of relying on humor to trump adversity.

And, because of the strong buzz, Isay also hints at the possibility of extended runs and overseas performances.

She shares, “There were invitations to do a U.S. tour in major cities, but I’m praying to do one here with a big band before the end of 2017.”

Buoyed by D.O.M.’s success, Robert and Isay are even more optimistic about their follow-up project.

Isay enthuses, “Yes, we have this show in mind that we’ve been wanting to see staged. Hopefully in two years’ time. It’s an original production so it will take more time to produce it.”

Rounding up the stellar cast are powerhouse theater performers Ima Castro, Kitkat and Fred Lo, with an ensemble composed of Shalee Vicencio, Gabriela Pangilinan and Irra Cenina.

Dirty Old Musical will have its rerun at the Music Museum from Jan. 19-21 and 26-28, 8:00 p.m., with a 3 p.m. matinee on Jan. 28.

You can buy tickets here.

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