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DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild Stages 4-in-1 Play, Kolab

DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild Stages 4-in-1 Play, Kolab

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De La Salle University’s premiere and only recognized theatre organization, DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild, will be staging DuLa Salle 2k15:Kolab. The production features 4 plays in 1 show that were written by students of the 20th Palanca Hall of Fame Awardee, Sir Nicholas Pichay and directed by the Guild’s very own student-artists.Kolab


Billboard is a story of different perspectives and choices. We will be sent into the world of Caloy as he readies himself for another chapter in his life as a billboard worker, working with the experienced 40-year-old Mang Emong. The two have contradicting personalities. Caloy is curious while Mang Emong is practical. In the middle of their work, a car accident happens on the streets below them, with two different reactions, each makes a stand to act on what is right and what is wrong.


The Buwan ng Wika celebration has just come to an end in a certain school. One of the tables has plentiful leftover food and plastic containers ready to be filled with food. Eventually, the teachers and staff started showing their true colors as they began fighting over the food for their “bring home” share. “Balot” represents a Philippines of greed and innocent masks.


After Alfred’s suicide, he finds out that what he traded in for his life. Because of his death, he has found peace, regret, and an unexpected confession. What if he never pushed through killing himself, would things be different?


It is the last year of Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, a few months left until the coming of the Americans. In the middle of the chaos, there is a friendship between a Japanese soldier and a Filipino boy. Lt. Kenji Kataoka was assigned to a mission and he might not come back. For the last time, Lt. Kataoka will visit Manuel in his house. Does he go there just to ask for a drawing or to also say goodbye to his friend?

Do not miss DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild’s annual DuLa Salle. Catch this collaboration from March 16 – 19, 2016 at the William Shaw Little Theater, De La Salle University for P200 only.

Click here for a summarized version of this show.

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