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#CreativeAidPH is surveying the impact of COVID-19 on creative industries

#CreativeAidPH is surveying the impact of COVID-19 on creative industries

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If you’re a creative or a freelancer, please take the time to answer this survey.

The current Coronavirus crisis is hitting all industries hard, and the arts, in particular, is facing a tragedy of unprecedented scale. With the cancellation of all theater performances in Manila as well as the closure of both Broadway and the West End, countless artists are now vulnerable, their livelihoods put on hold indefinitely as the world deals with the pandemic. Like all other hardworking citizens of the country, artists now find themselves in a precarious position as the entire country has been placed under a state of calamity. 

#CreativeAidPH has been launched to help all local freelancers in the arts, cultural work, and creative industries in this time of need. This initiative is led by JK Anicoche, Laura Cabochan, Jopie Sanchez, Komunidad, Sipat Lawin, and Concerned Artists of the Philippines. They are currently collaborating with Nayong Pilipino Foundation for their data gathering.

The team behind #CreativeAidPH recognizes that they need some exact numbers to properly measure the impact all the cancellations / postponements of performances / events have on the creative industry. 

They are currently circulating a “Survey of cultural workers” in social media in order to collect more data on the current situation faced by creatives all around the country.

If you’re a creative, freelancer, cultural worker, please take time to answer the survey.

The anonymous survey is aimed at all freelancers and it includes questions on demographics such as gender, age, and also on the economic impact of the crisis such as how many project cancellations they have experienced, and how much income loss they have incurred as a direct result of these cancellations.

Once adequate data has been gathered, all organizations and individuals interested in showing solidarity for those in the arts will have a better idea of the most effective means of providing support whether through crowdfunding campaigns or aid from specific organizations. The more relevant information is gathered, the easier it will be to understand the way forward for everyone.

Let’s work together to support all the creative people who are currently unable to make a living by answering and sharing the survey.

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