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AWPI Gives Updates During General Assembly

AWPI Gives Updates During General Assembly

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Yesterday, the board members of AWPI (Artists Welfare Project Inc.) held a general assembly to give its members an update on the AWPI Bill.


The board members: President: Nanding Josef; Chairman: Mae Paner; Vice Chairman: Bernardo Bernardo; Secretary: Dennis Marasigan; Assistant Secretary: Joanna Lerio; Treasurer: Lisa Macuja-Elizalde; Auditor: Bal Endrida; Executive Director: Jenny Lee Bonto; PR: Jenny Jamora


AWPI is a SEC-registered non-government organization (NGO) that was established in 2007.

An increasingly empowered and self-reliant Filipino artists’ sector that is better able to provide for its own needs with the help of government, business, and civil society institutions that care for artists and the arts.


  1. To get the AWPI Bill for artists healthcare, housing, and retirement, passed into law.
    The Bill pursues to:

    • Improve the social security, labor, medical, and legal conditions of the       artist, whether employed or self-employed, taking into account their contributions to cultural development, through a system of accreditation.
    • Help create and sustain a culture encouraging freedom of artistic expression and communication, and to facilitate the release of necessary resources in developing the artists’ creative talents.
    • Recognize artists as professionals, granting them the corresponding rights and privileges to enable them to collectively defend their common interests.
    • Protect the artists’ sensibilities and material rights over their works of performances, or any other use made of them to confirm their artistic dignity and integrity.
    • Provide second/ alternative career opportunities to artists who wish to retire from their respective art.
    • Develop means of providing welfare and legal information to artists.
  2. To encourage all Filipino artists to become members of Philhealth, SSS, and Pag-IBIG.
  3. To encourage Filipino artists in different regions to organize and to mount capacity-building seminars on arts management, intellectual property rights, arts education, wellness, and legal information, using their own resources and AWPI’s available resources.
  4. To build the first artists’ village.
  5. To link together Filipino artists and artists’ groups as a strong national and global network.
  6. To build AWPI alliances with government agencies, civil society, business sector, legislators, and other sectors that support AWPI’s goals.
  7. To mount fundraising campaigns that will sustain AWPI.

How do you become a member of AWPI?

Go to the website and submit the form that can be found there. You can also go to the talks that AWPI organizes on a monthly basis.

How much to Join?
P500 for July 2016-July 2017


Nar Cabico and Phillippe Palmos sing a charming duet of I’ll be There and Somewhere Out There

Forthcoming AWPI talks

Intellectual Property Rights
Health and Wellness
Katutubong Pananaw
Legal Assistance
Financial Literacy
Grow Own Food, and Nutrition
Marketing Yourself
Buhay Artists (National Artists Talk- Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, Music, Literature, Architecture)
The Artists Village
Medical Mission
General Assembly

Highlights of the AWPI Assembly:

1. Government agencies (SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG) and RiteMED gave orientation talks about the benefits that AWPI members are entitled to.

2. AWPI board members talked about the AWPI bill, where it will have to be re-filed to Congress because of the new administration.

They mention that things got delayed because of the change in administration post-elections. But thankfully, things have already been put in place. Senator Grace Poe and other people in Congress have already given their support. As soon as AWPI, re-files it, it will hopefully be passed in 2 years.

3. Newly elected Pangasinan Congressman and theater actor-director Christopher “Toff” de Venecia gave a keynote speech.


Congressman Toff de Venecia

Mr. de Venecia: “It seems to me that based on his speeches, Durerte is open to collaborating with the arts and cultural sector. Based on his pronouncements, I feel that now is the time. The time is right to be able to really advance cultural agenda for our country. Finally. And of course we also have an ally in vice president Leni Robredo who said that she doesn’t really know how to help us but she is open to collaborating and getting our input. This gives me much hope. I find it providential that God put me in this position as a lawmaker at the House of Representatives because now that I have the privilege to serve not only the 4th District of Pangasinan, but the sector which I so love and owe my life to. It’s one thing to file a bill in Congress. It’s another thing to have the passion, determination, and political will to see it through. To lobby for its consideration and passage by almost 300 members now in the House of Representatives, each with their own agenda and advocacies more likely rooted in mainstream issues that do not cover the arts. But as Audie Gemora says, ‘The time is right. The time is now. It’s time for arts and culture to hit the mainstream.’ With your help, I know that in the next few years, we will see and experience a Philippines where artists can thrive and enjoy their God-given right to live with freedom and dignity. May God continue to bless you with His abundance and peace and may He keep alive the flame that today burns in your hearts with love for the arts and our country.”

For more information, you can contact AWPI through:
Jenny- 0926-6165206
Artists Welfare Project Inc. Tanghalang Pilipino Office, CCP Roxas Blvd
Facebook: Artists Welfare Project Inc.

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