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‘Ang Parokya ni Edgar Musical’ Promises Fun, Magic, and Spectacle for the Entire Family

‘Ang Parokya ni Edgar Musical’ Promises Fun, Magic, and Spectacle for the Entire Family

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At the press conference held last March 15 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater Vestibule, the cast of Buruguduystunstugudunstuy: Ang Parokya ni Edgar Musical gave audiences a sneak peek by performing a medley of songs from the show.

Rearranged by musical director and arranger Ejay Yatco, the songs were taken from Parokya ni Edgar’s numerous albums spanning a decade of their work– Halina sa Parokya (‘05), Swimming Beach (‘02), ‘Magic Spaceship’ (‘97), ‘Mr. Suave’ (‘03), ‘Don’t Think’ (‘07), ‘Gitara’ (‘05), and ‘Harana (‘97).’

The cast is led by Felicity Kyle Napuli, Marynor Madamesila, Tex Ordoñez-De Leon, and Natasha Cabrera, who play the roles of Aiza, Jen, Norma, and Girlie, respectively. Supporting cast members include Pepe Herrera as Mr. Suave, Noel Comia as Tikmol, Nicco Manalo as Mang Jose, and Jasper Jimenez as Tito Ralph. All their characters’ names were derived from tracks in Parokya ni Edgar’s discography. 

The story of the musical hints at a whirlwind of unpredictable twists and turns around the four women who find themselves at the crossroads of their individual challenges. As fate intertwines their paths, they embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, resilience, and unbreakable bonds.

Introducing the Parokya-verse

When asked to expound on this plot, Full House Theater Company’s Co-Artistic Director Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo says they don’t want to give away too much to avoid spoiling the show for the audience. “We want it to be a big surprise to everyone.”

Basta we promise you magic, we promise you fun, we promise you visuals, there’s three kinds of love, and everything under the universe will be in the Parokya universe.”

Regarding the time period of the musical, Director Dexter M. Santos says, “All timelines! It’s going to be a different universe. Actually, ang ganda nung na-coin na Parokya-verse. It moves from current, it can move toward the past, it can move toward the future. It [is] a wild, wild ride. There are characters in the current time, there are characters in the future, there are characters in the past, and there are characters in non-existing times.” 

Attempting to provide a clearer yet concise summary of the plot, he describes it as follows: “We have the four leads tapos they went on a journey, and [on] those journeys, they went to different worlds and doon sa different worlds na iyun, na-meet nila iyung Bigotilyos. What will happen there in those worlds as they meet the Bigotilyos, iyun iyung magiging exciting.”

Incorporating the Music Culture

Santos says that one of the most interesting and beautiful things they have in their arsenal is the wide array of the types of songs that Parokya ni Edgar has. 

Pepe Herrera sings Mr. Suave to Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda; Photo Credit: Newport World Resorts

“We were able to hear a Parokya song when we fell in love, noong nagkukulitan tayo, nag-iinuman tayo. It transcends time, it transcends classes. Kumbaga, it has been part of our lives. Kahit nasa traffic ka, nakikinig ka ng radyo, merong Parokya ni Edgar song that actually affect us.” 

“Tumatawa tayo, ngumingiti tayo, nasasaktan tayo, and we’re very much excited because we’re trying to come up with a show and with a story and with a musical that would encapsulate all of those things within the identity of the band. So it’s makulit, it’s cool, it’s naughty, and all of those things.”

He says that fans of the OPM band will be able to see a lot of easter eggs in the show. 

“... makikilig sila na, ‘Uy, ito si Mang Jose! Uy, ito si Mr. Suave’, then suddenly, may magic spaceship. So it’s really fast-paced, it’s highly visual with all the videos, a lot of production numbers, a lot of songs.”

He adds that the production will be using 47 songs from the band’s discography, which include full songs, excerpts and reprises.

Santos also promises that it is a show apt for general audiences. “Lahat ata ng style ng comedy ay papasukin namin. It’s really light. Makulit, naughty at times, may mga sundot, it can be sexual or have sexual innuendos, but it’s something that you can really bring the family to. Ang pangarap talaga namin ay tuwang-tuwa ang mga tao sa teatro, at humahagalpak, at highly entertained.”

“It’s a rollercoaster of emotions but at the end of the day, because it’s a Rody Vera play, there’s always substance.”

Costume designer Raven Ong also shares that during the rehearsal process, the creative team spent a lot of time looking at the album covers to draw inspiration for the show.

 “… by themselves, [the album covers] are already unique and easily recognizable by a lot of people. We gave lots of nods to how [they] were styled in those album covers that we have throughout the years, and I think that really makes it very different.”

Women Take the Lead

Coming from a slightly older generation, Rody Vera, who serves as the playwright of the production, confessed that he did not grow up listening to the band’s music. Fortunately, he believes that this actually ended up being an advantage.

“Noong pinakinggan ko lahat, iba iyung experience na dinaanan ko kasi iyung nakikilala ko, hindi lang iyung mga kanta, nakikilala ko iyung mga tao na lumalabas doon sa mga kanta, doon sa buong mundo na ginawa ng Parokya ni Edgar.

Parokya ni Edgar musical

L-R: Felicity Kyle Napuli, Marynor Madamesila, Natasha Cabrera, Tex Ordoñez-De Leon with Ejay Yatco, Rody Vera, Dexter M. Santos; Photo Credit: Newport World Resorts

Considering that Full House Theater Company’s last production,  Ang Huling El Bimbo, was primarily led by male characters, he wanted to switch things up.

“Sabi ko, bakit hindi natin baliktarin. Gawin natin na lahat ng main characters ay babae. At noong pinakikinggan ko iyung music ng Parokya, largely mga kanta ng lalaki noh, may inuman, may Don’t Touch My Birdie, lahat iyun ano, so naisip ko siguro magandang ipag-confront itong music opuses na ito doon sa mga characters.” 

“Paano ito magiging kanta rin na maiintindihan at maikukuwento ng mga babaeng characters using the songs na alam natin ay kinakanta ng mga lalaki o kinakanta para sa mga lalaki. So iyun iyung isang gusto ko maging takeaway, na kapag pinakinggan niyo iyung music ni Parokya ni Edgar, pwede pala siya, hindi lang siya across class, kundi across gender.”

Yatco, who admits that the OPM band’s music was the soundtrack to his life when he was in high school, says that he and Vera listened to their entire discography in two months and looked at which songs would best fit the story they wanted to tell.

“It’s a mix of storytelling and also knowing the history of the band and giving honor to that.”

Also in the creative team are choreographer Stephen Viñas, scenic designer Lawyn Cruz, lights designer Meliton Roxas Jr., sound engineer Rards Corpus , sound designer Arvy Dimaculangan, conductor Mickey Jacinto, MPO Artistic Director Rodel Colmenar, video designers GA Fallarme and Joyce Garcia, and Hair and Make Up Designer Johann de la Fuente.

Joining the leads and supporting cast members are Boo Gabunada as Buloy, Jules De La Paz as Murlock, Stephen Vinas as Ric/Duke, ,Rapah Manalo as Tomtom, and MC Dela Cruz as Charmie/Gilbert.

Completing the main cast are female ensemble members Cara Barredo, Chaye Mogg, Cheska Quimno, Iya Villanueva, Jillian Ita-As, Julia Serad, Liway Perez, Maronne Cruz, Miah Canton, Mikaela Regis, Paulina Luzuriaga, Sarah Facuri, and Teetin Villanueva, and male ensemble members Francis Gatmaytan, Franco Ramos, Jep Go, Jim Ferrer, Khalil Tambio, Mark Anthony Grantos, Neo Rivera, Ralph Oliva, and Red Nuestro.

Understudies and swings include Ashlee Factor as the understudy for Aiza, Katrine Sunga as the understudy for Jen, Ring Antonio as the understudy for Norma, Cara Barredo as the understudy for Girlie, Albert Silos as the understudy for Tikmol, Noel Rayos as the understudy for Mr. Suave and Tito Ralph, Khalil Tambio as the understudy for Mang Jose, Aixia Mallary as the female swing, Rofe Villarino as the male swing.

With special participation of Karmi Santiago.

Buruguduystunstugudunstuy: Ang Parokya ni Edgar Musical opens on April 26 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Newport World Resorts.Tickets are PHP 5,525 (SVIP), PHP 4,420 (VIP), PHP 3,315 (GOLD), PHP 2,210 (SILVER), and PHP 1,105 (BRONZE), which are available through Ticketworld.

You can watch the cast perform the entire medley from the press conference below.


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