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17 Songs from Musicals to Get Hyped for 2022

17 Songs from Musicals to Get Hyped for 2022

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2022 is nearly upon us.

The past year has been a lot, to say the least. But since we’ve all made it this far, that should be cause enough to celebrate.

Here’s to those endless days and sleepless nights, eyes glued to your screens, being constantly plugged in and sometimes needing to disconnect, emotional rollercoasters, binge-watching, friendships that faded and those that endured, new discoveries, and revelations about what you never thought you could do. The year shaped us and, whether we noticed or not, we grew. 

It’s time to make our peace with 2021 and to look ahead to whatever 2022 might bring and what better way than to sing along to our favorite showtunes, in true theater fans fashion. Whether we’re ending the year with a triumphant bang or are quietly hopeful for a kinder time, we’ve got the song for you.

So here’s a playlist of songs that will help usher in the new year.

1. “Somewhere” from West Side Story

Someday, somewhere
We’ll find a new way of living
We’ll find there’s a way of forgiving
Somewhere, somewhere, somewhere

2. “Louder than Words” from Tick, Tick…Boom!

If we don’t wake up
And shake up the nation
We’ll eat the dust
Of the world wondering why

3. “It’s Time to Dance” from The Prom

Build it now
Make people see how the world could one day be
It might come true if we take a chance
But ’til that day comes

4. “Everybody Say Yeah” from Kinky Boots

A life of broken heels, got you down
Well we’ve got your solution
Get up, get it on and get in step
With our kinky revolution

5. “Being Alive” from Company

Somebody need me too much
Somebody know me too well
Somebody pull me up short
And put me through hell
And give me support
For being alive

6. “Me and the Sky” from Come From Away

The news talked, it made headlines across the world
Suddenly it stopped
No one saying, “You can’t” or “You won’t”
Or “You know you’re not anything ’cause you’re a girl”

7. “Waiting for Life” from Once on This Island

How it must feel to go racing wherever you please
Flying as free as a bird with its tail in the breeze
Even the fish in the sea must be longing to fly
Catching a glimpse of a stranger in white racing by

8. “Good Morning, Baltimore” from Hairspray

Good morning Baltimore
And some day when I take to the floor
The world’s gonna wake up and see
Baltimore and me

9. “Carnaval del Barrio” from In the Heights

From Puerto Rico to Santo Domingo
Wherever we go
We rep our people and the beat go
Esa bonita bandera!
Contiene mi alma entera!

10. “Six” from Six the Musical

We’re free to take
Our crowning glory
For five more minutes
We’re SIX!

11. “When I Grow Up” from Matilda the Musical

When I grow up, when I grow up (When I grow up)
I will be strong enough to carry all
The heavy things you have to haul
Around with you when you’re a grown-up!

12. “Fabulous, Baby” from Sister Act the Musical

Look while you can,
’cause I’m on my way!
Me, I’m fabulous, baby
I got fabulous things to do!

13. “So Much Better” from Legally Blonde the Musical

But you might look up to find
I’ve gone on to better things
Better jobs or bigger rings
I don’t have the time to cry

14. “Journey to the Past” from Anastasia

One step at a time,
One hope, then another,
Who knows where this road may go
Back to who I was,
On to find my future.

15. “Let it Go” from Frozen

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You’ll never see me cry

16. “Laban Lang” from Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady

Walang basahan
Lahat ay may dahilan
Hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay talo…
Huwag kang susuko, laban lang!

17. “Victoria! Winner! Tagumpay!” from Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah

Panalo na ako! (Victoria!)
Panalo na ako! (Winner!)
Walang ka-effort-effort oh!
Panalo na ako!

Listen to the full playlist here:

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