Theater Actors Guild Surveys Impact of COVID-19 on Theater Industry

COVID-19 empty theater

The theater industry is one of COVID-19’s first casualties, with all of its remaining productions in March either cancelled or postponed. Upcoming productions for the year are currently in limbo, depending on how fast the country can win the coronavirus war.

The Theater Actors Guild (TAG), the association of professional theater actors in the Philippines, is surveying the impact of the outbreak on the theater industry to see how it can help during this unprecedented crisis.

If you’re a theater actor, please answer the survey.

The Theater Actors Guild, Inc. is an association of professional theater actors in the Philippines organized to represent theater actors in various public and private fora. Its primary goal is to protect and uphold the rights of theater actors in any medium/genre/form existing and about to exist. Its end goal is to be able to bring their concerns to the fore, and in coordination with other artists groups, work towards getting artist protection written into law.




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