TEAM TFM Goes Behind the Barricade at Les Misérables

Les Miserables
the iconic barricade

We were invited to a “technical bump-in” in The Theatre at Solaire, where we got to see the awe-inspiring set of Les Misérables being built. Upon arrival, we took our seats about ten rows from the stage and looked on excitedly as the crew worked on the lights, panels, props.

Cameron Flint
Cameron Flint

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We were introduced to Cameron Flint, who is the show’s technical director. Mr. Flint entertained us for the entire duration of the bump-in, and filled us in on the details of the set and what makes this production different from the original production of Les Misérables currently running in the West End. He also said that the proscenium was built specifically for The Theatre at Solaire, and differed only slightly from the prosceniums in the other theaters that this production of Les Misérables has been staged in.

Cameron Flint
Flint gives us a first look at the jaw-dropping set.

The proscenium was very intricate, with much of it extending outside the normal boundary of the stage, further enveloping the audience in the show. We also saw some of the automated panels, which turn 180 degrees, and are used in several scenes.

Les Miserables
Lots of moving parts and automated elements to look forward to.

The highlight of the day was the moment the iconic barricade was rolled onto the center of the stage. Organized chaos is one thing that comes to mind when looking at the barricade, as it looked like random bits and pieces were thrown to make a pile, but in truth, each and every part is integral to the choreography and flow of the scenes.

Les Miserables
the iconic barricade

When asked about how Javert’s Soliloquy would be executed, Flint told us that he was not able to divulge that information, as it was meant to be a surprise. He then reassured us that it, like many scenes in this production, are going to be spectacular.

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I didn’t think it was possible, but having seen the sitzprobe and the set, I am more excited than ever to see Les Misérables when it finally opens later this week. Once the set, costumes, music and actors all come together, we will experience something truly special.

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