Sights and Sounds: This is Our Youth

This is Our Youth
the phenomenal cast

Photo coverage by Erickson Dela Cruz

New York City, 1982. Two college dropouts suddenly find themselves sitting on $15,000 worth of stolen cash. Their lives (and tiny Upper West Side apartment) are thrown in for a loop when a young woman enters the picture, forcing them to question their privileged existence as well as their loyalties to each other. THIS IS OUR YOUTH is a comic gem about the “Me Generation” and a witty, acerbic snapshot of that confusing place between adolescence and adulthood.

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This show features a phenomenal cast, with ground-breaking performances by Jef Flores and Nicco Manalo. It is staged in a very cool, intimate new venue called A_Space_Gallery, where the audience members feel like they’re actually part of the stage. Below are photos from this unique production.

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