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Paglayang Minamahal Revives the Sarswela: Sights and Sounds

Paglayang Minamahal Revives the Sarswela: Sights and Sounds

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The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde’s Technical Theater Program Batch 112 proudly presents
“PAGLAYANG MINAMAHAL” — a sarswela written and directed by Palanca winner George de Jesus III and music by Jeffrey Hernandez.
Paglayang Minamahal is a three-act sarswela about the love between a young barrio lass and a rich ilustrado set during the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution. Exploring the many levels and facets of love and freedom, the play inverts the traditional sarswela by protecting the relationship of Alodia and Mauricio from any satanic inclination, promises forever to each other in the middle of endeavor of the nation for their freedom.
Paglayang Minamahal was written during the fever of the Philippine centennial celebrations in 1998 and won 2nd Prize in the sarswela category of the Centennial Literary Competition.
“It was first staged by Tanghalang Pilipino at the CCP in 2000 directed by Chris Millado with music by Jesse Lucas. The collaborative process of that production resulted in an edit of the original script creating
a sung-through musicale that somehow diminished the sarswela form. This production, although edited to run for less than 2 hours, brings back a number of scenes and dialogues from the original winning draft of the play,” George de Jesus III remarks.
PAGLAYANG MINAMAHAL is set to open on NOVEMBER 12 and shall continue to run on November 13, 14 and 15 (1:00 pm and 7:00 pm) at the 5/F SDA Theater, School of Design and Arts Campus, De La Sa
lle-College of Saint Benilde, 950 P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila.
The cast of PAGLAYANG MINAMAHAL is composed of the following:
NATASHA CABRERA shall play the role of Alodia, a 21-year old modest and strong young lady Indio ( poor commoner, a name given to Filipinos by the Spanish colonizers. She works as a housemaid at her aunt Dona Maura’s household.
JOJO RIGUERRA plays the role of Mauricio, a 26-year old Ilustrado (Filipino educated class during the Spanish colonization) who grew up in Europe and returned to Bulakan where their hacienda is located, bearing knowledge from all his voyages. He is the son of the owner of their hacienda, Dona Maura. This senorito (young master), is Alodia’s lover.
KL DIZON shall essay the role of Carmela, a 19-year old Criollo (Spanish born / race). She is a reverent and beautiful young lady and Don Felipe’s one and only daughter.
KEVIN POSADAS will play the role of Joselito, a 25 year-old Indio. He was a friend of Mauricio and Alodia since they were little, and is very protective of Alodia. He was a member of the secret movement Katipunan.
BRYLLE MONDEJAR plays the role of Pascual, a 32-year old Indio who is one of the workers in the Aragon residence and is Francisca’s husband.
RONAH ROSTATA and RUTH ALFREZ shall alternate for the role of Francisca, a 29-year old Indio who is the faithful wife of Pascual. A strong and determined person, she is also one of the workers who served in the Aragon residence. She joined the Katipunan to fight for their right against the Kastilas.
DENISE NAYVE and BEA RAMOS alternate for the role of Lucia, a 14-year old muchacha (maid) of criollo Carmela. She may be annoying at times, especially when she’s with Timoteo.
RON BIÑAS and JOSHUA TAYCO shall alternately play the role of Timoteo, the 13-year old younger brother of Alodia. He is fearless, brave and a manly young teenage boy.

MIA REONAL-BOLAÑOS essays the role of Dona Maura, the 48-year old matriarch who is in full control of everything at their hacienda together with her civilized son, senorito Mauricio, and the aunt of the siblings Alodia and Timoteo. She is a strict person when it comes to her workers, but protective of her son.

JOEL SARACHO plays the role of Don Felipe, a 54 -year old Kastila. He is the father of the beautiful criollo Carmela.

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Photo coverage by: Erickson dela Cruz

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