Don Quixote

“Ballet Philippines had talented dancers at the forefront and committed artists behind the scenes. It is a product of passion and inspiration.”

The Exemplars

“Ballet Philippines revived five pieces from their seventies repertoire to signify the beginning of a requiem leading to their golden anniversary in 2019.”

“The power of this ballet lies in its choreography. Francisco successfully weaved  patterns, created levels, and crafted sequences that were visually exciting.”

Swan Lake

“Re-staging Swan Lake surely was a result of blood, sweat and tears. Needless to say, this is an ambitious project that survived against all odds.”

“As the song goes, Everything was beautiful at the ballet. Everyone was beautiful at the ballet.”

A Christmas Carol

“This show brought me home. More importantly, it brought me Christmas.”

The Swan, the Fairy, and the Princess

“With so much history and familiarity with classical ballet, this is a fitting repertoire for the Company. Their second offering is almost a tribute to Tchaikovsky as it is to the art form.”