Despite the company’s recent hurdles, Lisa Macuja Elizalde directs a grandiose, visually thrilling treat.

Choreographed by Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, this is the third of her Princess trilogy.

Fresh off from her award-winning performance in the USA International Ballet Competition, Jury Appreciation Awardee Veronica Atienza will reprise her role as Hanna Glawari.

Congratulations, Katherine Barkman, Nicole Barroso, and Veronica Atienza!

“Ballet Philippines had talented dancers at the forefront and committed artists behind the scenes. It is a product of passion and inspiration.”

Ballet Manila’s frontliners were not only competent, they were captivating.

“Ballet Philippines revived five pieces from their seventies repertoire to signify the beginning of a requiem leading to their golden anniversary in 2019.”