“A Streetcar Named Desire” Excerpt Set for Online Reading

Ana Abad Santos (Time Stands Still, Dulaang UP’s The Seagull) and Kiara Takahashi (Tabing Ilog the Musical) will be reading an excerpt from Tennessee Williams’ 1948 Pulitzer Prize winning drama, A Streetcar Named Desire.

The play follows Blanche DuBois, a woman whose life has been undermined by her romantic illusions. This leads her to reject—so far as possible—the realities of life with which she is faced and which she consistently ignores. The pressure brought to bear upon her by her sister, with whom she goes to live in New Orleans, intensified by the earthy and extremely “normal” young husband of the latter, leads to a revelation of her tragic self-delusion and, in the end, to madness.

Marlon Rivera, who is directing the reading, fuses his expertise in design, film, and theater as the group experiments with the cellphone as camera, monitor, mirror, and “peephole into our restless cages.” With music by Vincent A. DeJesus, the reading will be streaming at the Open House Facebook page on May 12, 8-9pm.


This online initiative is part of the Open House fundraising campaign, which aims to help members of the performing arts community displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic. You can donate by going to bit.ly/DonateOpenHouse, or you can go to Open House’s Facebook page to learn more about the schedules.

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