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13 Romantic Songs from Disney Musicals

13 Romantic Songs from Disney Musicals

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“Every story is a love story…” or at least that’s mostly the case with Disney theatrical productions.

Since many Disney animated classics also feature memorable tunes, the transition to the stage was inevitable. The stage versions expanded the repertoire for each story, showcasing even more iconic musical numbers. And most of these theatrical adaptations also portray epic love stories, leading to some of the most romantic songs ever performed on Broadway. 

All of the shows on this list were based on Disney’s animated canon with the exception of Aida, a musical inspired by both history and an opera by Verdi, and with heart wrenching songs by the team behind The Lion King, Elton John and Tim Rice. With so many choices from the show depicting the complications of love, Aida dominates this list, and hopefully we can get you to check out the cast album online.We’ve put together a list of these romantic tunes, evoking the different stages of love and the emotional rollercoaster it puts everyone through. Whether you’re giddy with love, in denial, heartbroken, or still hopeful, Disney has a song for you.

While some of the songs might be familiar to those who have watched (and endlessly re-watched) the animated films, the songs added specifically for the stage versions are no less moving or memorable. 

These songs are so good that they might compel one to check out the Broadway adaptation of these Disney stories (if not live, at least on Spotify). 

1. “Beauty and the Beast” from Beauty and the Beast


Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Bittersweet and strange
Finding you can change
Learning you were wrong

2. “What Do You Know About Love?” from Frozen

What do you know about love?
Just, be careful
What do you know about love?
To have a little faith

3. “Something There” from Beauty and the Beast

New, and a bit alarming
Who’d have ever thought that this could be?
True, that he’s no Prince Charming
But there’s something in him that I simply didn’t see

4. “I won’t Say (I’m in Love)” from Hercules

Who d’you think you’re kidding
He’s the earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden,
Honey we can see right through you

5. “For the First Time” from Tarzan

Oh, for the first time (ooh, for the first time)
I know it’s real and with him, I feel
So completely (completely)
Uniquely like no other (ho, she is like no other) as he gently holds me close

6. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King

Can you feel the love tonight?
You needn’t look too far
Stealing through the night’s uncertainties
Love is where they are

7. “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid

There is one way to ask her
It don’t take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl

8. “Elaborate Lives” from Aida

I wish I had the courage
To tell you face to face
But I could wait forever
For the perfect time and place

9. “Someday” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

On days when the sun is gone
Hope lives on
Wish upon the moon
Change will come

10. “A Whole New World” from Aladdin

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go

11. “Written in the Stars” from Aida

Is it written in the stars
Are we paying for some crime
Is that all that we are good for
Just a stretch of mortal time

12. “Heaven’s Light” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I dare to dream that she
Might even care for me
And as I ring the bells tonight
My cold dark tower seems so bright
I swear it must be Heaven’s Light

13. “A Million Miles Away” from Aladdin


We’ll be a million miles away
Leave everything behind
When you choose to lose yourself
Who knows what you might find?


Here’s the full playlist:

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