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We DIY-ed our own “Hamilton” Experience

We DIY-ed our own “Hamilton” Experience

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For the ‘young, scrappy, and hungry’ for this hit musical.

We hold these truths to be self-evident that 1) the full “Hamilton” musical just dropped on Disney+, and 2) it is next to impossible to watch it here without some, er, ‘internet jiggery’.

So, what are theater fans to do when some parts of the world are now enjoying one of the biggest musicals in recent history and we’re feeling a little left out?

We made our own #HamilFilm experience!

Sort of.

Okay, this is just a list of videos of the Original Broadway Cast singing some of the songs in show order, embedded from YouTube.

Consider this not so much as being in the ‘room where it happens’, and more of being outside with your ear pressed to the door.

So while we wait for Disney+ to finally be available in the Philippines, get your popcorn and enjoy these videos (or listen to the recording on Spotify for the nth time):


“Alexander Hamilton”


“Aaron Burr, Sir” / “My Shot”


“The Story of Tonight”

(Sure, the Disney+ version is full and pro-shot, but does it have an Elmo cameo? NO.)


“The Schuyler Sisters”


“Farmer Refuted”

(Another #Ham4Ham version featuring Thayne Jasperson.)


“You’ll Be Back”

(He starts off a little shy… and then he brings it!)





“Wait for It”


“Ten Duel Commandments”

(This one is ‘The Taglish Commandments’ from #Ham4Ham featuring Karla Garcia.)


“Dear Theodosia”



“Cabinet Battle # 1”

(Hamilton, but make it West Wing.)


“One Last Time”


“It’s Quiet Uptown”

(As performed by Original Broadway Cast ensemble members, Sydney Harcourt & Carleigh Bettiol.)

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