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WATCH: Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ Live-Action Film Releases Trailer

WATCH: Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ Live-Action Film Releases Trailer

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The trailer for Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ has been released.

Originating from The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian author Carlo Collodi published in 1883, Walt Disney Productions produced an animated film in 1940 featuring hit songs When You Wish Upon a Star and I’ve Got No Strings.

It tells the story of a woodcarver named Geppetto who carved a wooden puppet and named it Pinocchio. Pinocchio is brought to life by a Blue Fairy and desires for nothing more than to become a ‘real boy.’

Tom Hanks is set to play Geppetto, with Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the voice of Jiminy Cricket, Luke Evans as The Coachman, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as the voice of Pinocchio, Keegan-Michael Key as the voice of Honest John, and Lorraine Bracco as the voice of a new character called Sofia the Seagull.

The film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, with a screenplay by Chris Weitz. It will reportedly stream on Disney Plus this September 8.

You can watch the trailer here:


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