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‘Uncle Jane’ Chekhov Adaptation to be Staged in February 2023

‘Uncle Jane’ Chekhov Adaptation to be Staged in February 2023

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Company of Actors in Streamlined Theatre (C.A.S.T.), known for its annual staged reading festival, returns to the stage on February 2023, this time to mount intimate, streamlined productions starting with the limited run of Uncle Jane.

In collaboration with Music Artes Inc., Uncle Jane is a new, modern-day English adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Russian classic, Uncle Vanya, adapted and directed by Nelsito Gomez. The cast features Missy Maramara, Topper Fabregas, Justine Peña, Justine Narciso, Leo Rialp, Jay Glorioso, and Jaime Del Mundo. 

Alexander (Jaime Del Mundo), a once renowned scholar, now retired and in need of money, after many years in the city moves back to his provincial estate with his very beautiful and very restless young second wife, Elaine (Justine Peña), much to the dissatisfaction of Jane (Missy Maramara), the estate manager, embittered at having wasted her life in the service of Alexander. We also have the provincial doctor Michael (Topper Fabregas), left numb and hopeless after years of failing to heal patients. Ian (Leo Rialp), father of Jane, is still an ardent supporter of Alexander, and holds on to the belief that Alexander can reclaim his former success. Alexander’s dutiful daughter from his first marriage, Sofia (Justine Narciso), pines for love and excitement. Ms. Marie (Jay Glorioso), the hardworking househelp tries to keep the peace. How will these characters handle Alexander’s critical decision concerning the estate and everyone living in it?

Nelsito Gomez, who directs this version, adds, “Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya — as with many of Chekhov’s plays — explores the themes of regret, unfulfillment, and ultimately, wasted opportunity and life. Exploring an idea suggested by Jaime Del Mundo, we decided to tell that story from the point of view of a woman: Uncle Jane. And from 1890’s provincial Russia, we reimagined the setting to an unspecified location in the present day. Or as the introduction of the script states more clearly: The place is the sitting room of a country house in the province. It could be anywhere. With the hopes of bringing this Russian classic closer to the audience.”

Missy Maramara, who plays the eponymous character Jane, is “looking forward to examining this Chekhovian story through a female lens. Uncle Vanya is a role conventionally performed by a male actor, so I’m very excited to discover how an “Uncle Jane” affects the other characters and finds new depths of meaning to the story.”

Uncle Jane will run for three performances on February 24, 25, and 26, 2023 at 7:30pm. All performances will be held in The Mirror Studios, 5th floor, SJG building, 8463 Kalayaan Ave, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila. Limited seats for this intimate staging are on sale now for Php 500. Visit this link for tickets. 

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