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Twin Bill Staged Reading ‘S/ALITAN: Dalawang Dula’ Running Until July

Twin Bill Staged Reading ‘S/ALITAN: Dalawang Dula’ Running Until July

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Mad Child Productions is back with its third staged reading, this time a twin bill entitled S/ALITAN: Dalawang Dula, featuring original works by new playwrights Ymo Escruel and Isabella Darang, with Robert Bradly Hao directing both plays.

Hao shares that these two particular plays are being staged together as “Both of these plays suggest security (or insecurity, rather) in oneself. When a person is too engulfed in their own dilemma, another person or persona is needed to sort or point out the effect of these insecurities. It’s almost a cry for help, or a final straw. It’s cerebral, personal, psychological, and philosophical. It’s being bare in vulnerability presented artistically.”

Written by Ymo Escurel, Bakunawa and The Moon is a coming-of-age play that sheds light on the human experience of growing up, following the internal struggle of a boy as they come face-to-face with their childhood monsters. Now all grown up, the boy is made to reassess his identity, his relationship with his parents, and his vices and virtues. When an old friend comes to visit, he is faced with a choice: What can he hold on to, and what must he let go?

When asked about the central themes of the play, Escurel shares that he was heavily inspired by the myth of the Bakunawa, a moon-eating dragon who would rise up every one hundred years and swallow the moon, leading to eclipses and earthquakes. In his retelling of this myth, Escurel focuses on the themes of generational trauma, fear and desire from childhood and growing up, as well as the importance of self-reflection and understanding as a way of healing. Escurel believes that Bakunwa and the Moon is a very timely piece, now more than ever as society has only begun to acknowledge the existence of generational trauma.

Jude Hinumdum and Jeremy Mayores will be alternating the roles of both Bakunawa and Buwan.

Pangako/Pananagutan is a one-act play about time and the infinite possibilities that come with it. The play ultimately zooms in on the age-old argument: Is having a child an obligation or a choice?

Written during the height of the pandemic, Darang shares that she found inspiration in discussions of why people would bring children into the world when the world was far from being an ideal place, especially during a global lockdown. At the same time, Darang found that the topic of childbearing would always be relevant, even as the world slowly recovered. In her writing, Darang hopes to spark conversations on relationships, societal expectations for couples, and the gravity of raising a child in this day and age.

Bea Racoma and Chris Abecia will be alternating the roles of Spouse and Partner.

When asked what he hopes audiences would get out of watching S/ALITAN, Hao shares that: “The goal of S/Alitan is to engage the viewers’ curiosity and self-reflection. That even in our lone and painful moments with ourselves, our partners, our family, or whoever; it is okay to be in pain. Pain is part of love. That when the inevitability of discomfort is encountered, you do not hide or fret, but face and embrace it wholeheartedly, knowing that it is universal and experienced by many. The only way to get to the end is to go right through it.”

S/ALITAN: Dalawang Dula is currently running at the Gener Cafe, Kamuning, Quezon City, with remaining performances on June 29 (Saturday), July 6 (Saturday), and July 7 (Sunday). Shows start at 8:00 PM and run for approximately an hour and a half. Tickets are priced at P600 each, inclusive of a 150-peso consumable voucher for certain food and beverage choices at Gener Cafe, redeemable on the show date itself. 

To purchase tickets, please visit https://bit.ly/MCPSAlitanTickets. For inquiries, contact Nicole Chua at 0906 266 2563 or email madchildprods@gmail.com.


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