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‘The Little Prince’ Musical is Coming to Broadway

‘The Little Prince’ Musical is Coming to Broadway

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A musical adaptation of ‘The Little Prince’ by A​​ntoine de Saint-Exupéry is set for Broadway. 

The production, directed and choreographed by Anne Tournié, with libretto adaptation and co-direction by Chris Mouron and original music by Terry Truck. First had successful sold-out runs in Dubai, Sydney, and Paris.

The show will feature dance, aerial acrobatics, and video mapping technology. You can watch a teaser of the show on its official website.

The story is of the Little Prince who went to explore and discover the universe as he journeyed from planet to planet. Throughout his journey, he kept with him the lessons he learned with themes such as that of friendship, love, and loneliness. 

Assistant choreography is by Noellie Bordelet, costume design by Peggy Housset, video design by Marie Jumelin, video projection by Etienne Beaussart, lighting design by Stephane Fritsch, sound design by Tristan Viscogliosi, hair and makeup by Carmen Arbues Miro, and props by Aurélie Gandilhon.

It features Lionel Zalachas as The Little Prince, Aurélien Bednarek as The Aviator, Chris Mouron as The Narrator, Laurisse Sulty as The Rose / The Snake alternate, Adrien Picaut as The Businessman / The Switchman, Antony Cesar as The Vain Man, Andre Kamienski as The Drunkard, Marcin Janiak as The Lamplighter, Srilata Ray as The Snake) and Dylan Barone as The Fox / The King.

The Little Prince will start previews on March 4, 2022, before its opening on March 17, 2022. It will be a limited run until August 14, 2022 at Shubert’s Broadway Theatre.

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