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Terms and Conditions for #TFMauction

It is essential to read these terms and conditions before placing your bids:

  1. Please note that we get the bids based on real-time. Please understand that people are bidding simultaneously up until the very last second. Different factors such as a bidder’s internet speed and bidder’s own computer will affect the outcome. This might reflect differently on the ones bidding as there is a time lapse between the submission of a bid and its registration in the server.
  2. Bids are time stamped by the server chronologically based on the time it receives them. Every millisecond counts. Please note that if you wait up until the last minute to place your bid/s, there is a big chance that you will be outbid. You will not automatically be notified if you have been outbid, so you will constantly need to monitor the auction activity.
  3. The winning bid will be deemed final as soon as the auction ends. Our advice is, if you really want the item/s, don’t wait until the last second.
  4. All bidders agree to be bound by said terms and conditions.