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REVIEW: Guilty pleasures in “50 Shades: The Musical Parody”

REVIEW: Guilty pleasures in “50 Shades: The Musical Parody”

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If there ever was a story begging to be parodied, it has to be 50 Shades of Grey. It’s notoriety is so global that unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Christian Grey, and the things he gets up to in that Red Room of his. With an international impact and a plot that’s ripe for the picking, (or, to be picked on) creator and director Al Samuels saw the books as fertile ground to create a musical– and a damn good one at that.

50 Shades! the Musical parody

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Three women discuss what they want to read for their little book club and one suggests 50 Shades of Grey. The music begins on the first song, “Open Your Book” and for over 69 minutes (seriously), we’re treated to an unrelenting barrage of hilarity.

50 Shades! the Musical Parody

As they read through the book, we’re shown scenes from Anastasia and Christian’s love story, each punctuated by songs funnier than the last. “There’s a Hole Inside of Me”, “Mi Amor”, and “I Don’t Make Love” in particular will have you in stitches, and will have you humming to its catchy and wildly inappropriate tunes for days to come.

50 Shades! the Musical Parody

It’s an international cast and crew, with players from the Off-Broadway and Las Vegas productions coming together with our own local stars, performing on the brilliant set designed by Mio Infante. Bituin Escalante and Greg Kata, in particular, brought the house down with their entertaining performances.

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You need not have read the book or watched the film to enjoy this production. It might even be better that way because as Ms. Escalante said–and I totally agree–this parody is the best version of the story you’re ever going to encounter.

50 Shades! group 4

The show is not just guilty pleasure for women, either. Bring your amigas, your husbands, your boyfriends, your fellow titas of Manila–anyone who needs a good laugh. Just leave the under-18s at home. While the nudity is nothing to clutch pearls over, the lyrics are raunchy times fifty.

50 Shades! group 5

Brought to Manila by 9 Works Theatrical and Vivre Fort Entertainment, “50 Shades! The Musical” is irreverently funny, unrepentantly risque, and just plain good fun. It’s packed with catchy tunes, hilarious antics, and surprising one-liners guaranteed to keep you giggling until the morning after.

The show opens this weekend at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of the RCBC Theater.

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