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Now Streaming: Virgin Labfest’s ‘Fangirl’ is Online

Now Streaming: Virgin Labfest’s ‘Fangirl’ is Online

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The Cultural Center of the Philippines continues its Women’s Month Showcase in celebration of Women’s Month with Herlyn Alegre’s Fangirl.

The one-act play first opened in 2019 as part of the Virgin Labfest 15. It was then chosen as part of the revisited list of plays in 2020.

The story follows high school friends Barbara, Jessica, and Angeline who reunite to book concert tickets, as one of the biggest boybands of the 1990s get together for a long-awaited reunion concert after 20 years. As the three friends reminisce their teenage years spent fantasizing about their favorite boyband, they catch up with each other’s lives. Years of frustration, anxiety and angst towards the roles they have been made to fulfill as women are unraveled, and insecurities and previously unconfronted animosity against each other are brought to the surface.

The cast features Mayen Estanero as Barbara, Marj Lorico as Jessica, and Meann Espinosa as Angeline. It is directed by Charles Yee.

You can watch it through the CCP Channel only until March 31. You can also find the show below.

Herlyn Alegre’s Fangirl from Cultural Center PH on Vimeo.

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