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Hamilton Performs and Wins Best Musical Theater Album at The Grammy’s

Hamilton Performs and Wins Best Musical Theater Album at The Grammy’s

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Ever since its Off-Broadway debut in 2015, Hamilton has taken the world by storm. Created by and starring In The Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton tells the life story of Founding Father and Treasure Secretary Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Manuel picked up Hamilton‘s biography (written by Ron Chernow) and was instantly enthralled by the tale of someone who was, like himself, an immigrant.

Today, the cast of Hamilton performed at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, live from New York. Before the performance, Late Show host Stephen Colbert introduced the show from the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway, telling the world: “Prepare to witness something special. This is a New York story. This is an American story. This is like nothing you have ever experienced.”

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That last line bears an all too painful truth for many theater fans around the world, and even those who live right in New York. This is due to the fact that Hamilton is undoubtedly the hottest ticket on Broadway. It is nearly impossible to get tickets, and anyone who’s anyone scores seats to the show. Hamilton success may be attributed to many things: its diverse cast stars people of colour in empowering roles, its music connects to a broader audience, and its story is one of triumph.

The performance of the show’s opening song “Alexander Hamilton” was met with great enthusiasm from the audience at the theater, and when the Lin-Manuel made his entrance as the titular hero, the actor was forced to pause longer than usual, due to the crowd’s applause.

Shortly after the performance, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane came out onstage to present the award for Best Musical Theater Album. Clearly excited, MacFarlane announced the winner, saying: “No surprise here. Hamilton!”. The cameras went straight into the Richard Rodgers and showed the whole cast, as well as musical director Alex Lacamoire, running onto the stage with their Grammy in tow. Unsurprisingly, Miranda gave his speech in the form of a rap, and by the end of it, crowds cheered as loud as they did during the performance itself.

Expect Hamilton to continue shattering records and breaking barriers. Maybe one day, we’ll not only get to see the show on Philippine soil, but have some of our very own performing in the show as well. With what Miranda and the show have done for all ethnicities, it’s certainly a very real possibility.



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