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Egg Theater Company Stages Art Imitates Life Satire, Schism

Egg Theater Company Stages Art Imitates Life Satire, Schism

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Appropriated from Moliere’s “Le Misanthrope Ou L’Atrabilaire Amoureux”, the play directed by Geroge de Jesus III, is a comedic satire that explores how hypocrisy and pretension can polarise and divide artists. After creating a brutally honest theater production that has created a schism in his community, a playwright finds himself at a crossroads in finding what art really means: an expression of his own ideals or a reflection of what society expects.


Tuxqs Rutaquio as Alex, the playwright; Angeli Bayani as Helen, an actress; Jojo Riguerra as Jim, an actor; Ron Alfonso as Don, the upcoming playwright and director; Roence Santos as Arnie, a veteran actress; Kyla Rivera as Casey, the actress and blogger; Chini Concepcion as Drea, an actress; and Renante Bustamante as Eli, an actor;


Tuxqs Rutaquio as Alex



Angeli Bayani as Helen



The entire play is set before, during intermission, and after the closing show of an avant-garde adaptation of Moliere’s The Misanthrope. While waiting for the show to begin (which they are watching a second time), ALEX, a playwright, explains to HELEN, his actress friend, that he hates the theater because there is so much hypocrisy, deceit, and false flattery that no one speaks the truth openly. He bewails how people can’t be frank and honest and would rather hide behind FB status messages and Viber groups. Helen asks Alex to be more tolerant and forgiving because it is human nature to be plastic at times and enjoy some gossip.


Jojo Riguerra as Jim

DON, the director of the adaptation of Moliere’s The Misanthrope, approaches them and asks Alex’s opinion on the production. Alex frankly tells Don that the production is awfully directed. Don, insulted by Alex’s honesty, leaves. Helen points out that Alex’s frank statement has created an enemy, when he could have just held his tongue and refrained from giving his point of view.


Ron Alfonso as Don

JIM, an actor arrives. Alex immediately tells him off for posting too many selfies and pretentious status messages on FB. He is irritated that he is more focused on socializing and feigning the same affability with everyone instead of paying attention towards improving his craft. Jim tells Alex that it is better to be amicable with everyone than to cause any trouble by being frank. While arguing, CASEY and DREA, a couple of actresses arrive followed by ELI, an actor. They begin gossiping about different productions. Jim joins in the gossip and points out another similar incident involving a viber group. Casey then sees an FB post by Don that is obviously meant for Alex and his comment made earlier. Chimes are heard and they all go in to watch the play.


Kyla Rivera as Casey

During intermission, Casey and Drea gossip about Jim and they stop when he appears. Arnie, an older actress, joins them. Casey and Drea leave to buy food. Arnie tells Jim about the gossip being spread about him in the social media groups. Jim then tells Arnie that she is also being talked about. When Alex joins them, Jim leaves to follow Casey and Drea. Arnie tells Alex that Jim has been saying bad things about him. Arnie shows Alex the private posts that Jim has made in their FB group.

Helen comes in with Eli. They talk about how fast people are reacting about the FB post that Don made. Alex arrives extremely angry. He decides to replace Jim with Eli in the new play he is working on. Jim arrives and tries to justify the posts he made blaming Arnie for showing it to him. Casey and Drea return. They commend Jim for bravely talking to Alex about sexual harassment. Alex, confused asks Jim what the two women mean. The last chimes play and they all go in.


Renante Bustamante as Eli

After the play, Alex complains to Helen about the hypocrisy of people in the age of FB, the way people easily judge and how people would rather let things go just to keep the peace. He decides to quit theater, stop writing and become a call center agent. Jim arrives with Don. Jim has been offered a part in Don’s next play even though he is already part of the play that Alex is doing. He avoids choosing. Casey and Andre join them to confront Jim on the derogatory remarks he made on FB about them as well as about Don and Alex. Don angrily withdraws his offer to Jim and he leaves followed by Casey and Andre. Jim apologizes to Alex. Alex tells Jim that he is quitting theater. Alex leaves. Helen and Eli follow him to try and change his mind.

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