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Broadway Open Mic is Back in time for Love Month!

Broadway Open Mic is Back in time for Love Month!

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Broadway Open Mic is back this February!

You can tell at a glance what a swell night this is for romance! Celebrate Valentines with us as we keep each other’s company for the month of love.

Broadway Open Mic

IT’S DELOVELY: BROADWAY OPEN MIC, is a night of music and scenes from Broadway musicals. Anyone can sing a song of their choice, present the music sheet to our pianist, and have their moment on the stage. Guests are also free to perform monologues from plays and musicals. Games and contests will also take place in the event.

The Broadway Open Mic series is a quarterly event for theatre enthusiasts and aspiring musical theater performers to have a night of fellowship. This month’s theme, It’s Delovely, dedicates songs about love and romance: the matters of love, or affairs of the heart that center on passion, emotion, and the romantic, affectionate involvement of the characters and the journey that their love takes; whether it has a have fairy-tale, wistful-thinking stories or happy endings or not. *Songs not under this category shall be welcomed in the latter part of the program.

Sixteen Bars is a performing arts education company whose goal is to provide the needs of developing theatre practitioners in Metro Manila. Our services mainly consist of master classes, workshops and various other events geared towards artistic training and comprehensive education in music, acting, dance, and writing.

Fringe Manila is Manila’s Arts Festival. In the tradition of Fringe festivals all over the world, Fringe Manila is an open access, non curated and uncensored celebration of the diversity of the arts in Manila, the Philippines and the World.

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– First come, first serve. Registration starts at 7pm.
– A priority slot is equivalent to 1 performance, not a per-head count. 1 slot can be performed solo, in a duet or even three, four, or five.
– Songs + Scenes: A duration of 5 minutes is the maximum for each song. 3 minutes maximum time is given to monologues, dialogues and scenes, while 1 minute for scenes leading to a song. If the scene exceeds the maximum time, the performance will take up two slots.
– No Music Sheet, No Mic. This is not Glee. You can’t just say “hit it” and expect the pianist to know the song.
– If your song has been sang already, it’s still okay to sing the same song. In case you throw a fit because your song has been sung, bring extra sheets.
– Sing-All-You-Can! You won’t be paying for an additional slot to sing another song or two! All you need is get in the room and to the stage! Additional slot registration will be open at 10:30pm to give priority to those who have not taken the stage.

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