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8 Musicals to Kickstart the New Year With if You Love ‘Hamilton’

8 Musicals to Kickstart the New Year With if You Love ‘Hamilton’

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Welcoming 2024 but still going through your Hamilton Manila feels? If you find yourself non-stop belting out “The Schuyler Sisters”, but are craving a fresh musical fix, we’ve done the work work! From pop anthems to rock ‘n’ roll melodies to historical narratives, we’ve put together a list of eight musicals that promise to be the ultimate remedy for your post-Hamilton blues and your inspiration for the new year!

1. Six the Musical


Why it’s a must-listen: HERstory takes centerstage with the sassy pop anthems of Six the Musical! A modern and feminist take on history, Six is an electrifying pop concert-style show that gives voices to the six wives of Henry VIII. With its catchy girl power songs, witty lyrics, and fresh perspective you’ll definitely enjoy how the musical reimagines British history in a way that’s both entertaining and empowering just like Hamilton!

Fun fact: The queens of Six the Musical each have songs that are inspired by iconic female pop stars. Which pop queens served as inspiration? You’ll have to give it a listen to find out!

2. Miss Saigon


Why it’s a must-listen: To those looking for a gripping story of human emotion against conflict and sacrifice, Miss Saigon is just the musical for you! The classic musical is a retelling of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and tells the story of Kim, a young Vietnamese woman, who falls in love with Chris, an American G.I., during the end of the Vietnam War. Its sweeping score and emotional depth explore themes of love, sacrifice, and the impact of war on personal lives, providing a meaningful reflection on history similar to Hamilton.

Miss Saigon is coming to Manila from 23 March to 5 May 2024 at The Theatre at Solaire. Tickets are available via Ticketworld.

3. In the Heights


Why it’s a must-listen: If Lin Manuel Miranda’s lyrical genius is what you’re searching for, then look no further with his debut musical! In the Heights celebrates community, dreams, and the pursuit of a better life all set in the vibrant neighborhood of Washington Heights, New York City. The musical is our real first introduction to Miranda’s signature blend of hip-hop, salsa, and traditional musical theater styles, which successfully came together to win him his first Tony Award in 2008. It may not be showing onstage at the moment, but you can watch the musical’s movie adaptation which featured OG John Laurens/Phillip Hamilton, Anthony Ramos!

4. Jesus Christ Superstar


Why it’s a must-listen: Did you know that Jesus Christ Superstar served as one of the inspirations for Hamilton? The Andrew Lloyd Webber rock opera’s structure of having Judas narrate the final days of Jesus’ life served as an influence for Hamilton’s Aaron Burr as the musical’s narrator. Combined with a contemporary score and compelling story, Jesus Christ Superstar is a great choice to rock your Hamilton blues away!

5. Hadestown


Why it’s a must-listen: Myth and modernity meet with the Tony Award-winning story and music of Hadestown. The musical blends folk, jazz, and blues to weave and tell the Greek mythology-inspired tale of Orpheus and Eurydice’s love. Hadestown’s thrilling storytelling, powerful vocals, and fusion of genres will surely resonate with the depth and creativity HamilFans love and appreciate.

6. Spring Awakening


Why it’s a must-listen: Breaking the stereotype that Broadway musicals have to sound a certain way, Spring Awakening is a rock musical set in late 19th-century Germany that boldly tackles adolescent sexuality, repression, and societal expectations. Its honest portrayal of youthful rebellion mixed with its fusion of rock and Broadway elements produces a thrilling musical experience that echoes the feelings we get when we watch Hamilton!

7. Come From Away


Why it’s a must-listen: Based on true events, Come From Away explores the unexpected unity and kindness that emerged in a small Canadian town following the 9/11 attacks. The musical’s heartfelt story and energetic folk and country-style score hit the right notes to present its themes of camaraderie, humanity, and the strength of the human spirit in times of trouble. A staging of Come From Away was shot live in 2021 and can be watched on AppleTV+.

8. &Juliet


Why it’s a must-listen: Take a pop-infused twist on Shakespeare’s timeless tale with a listen to &Juliet! The energetic musical reimagines the classic Romeo and Juliet story and asks the question: what if Juliet didn’t die? Packed with Max Martin’s chart-topping singles for artists like Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, Ariana Grande, and more, &Juliet is a fresh and modern take on love, self-discovery, and the power of rewriting one’s destiny.

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